Dream Weaving – Mini Herbal Basket Weaving Amulet with Chloë Hight and Make & Mary

Dream Weaving – Mini Basket Weaving Amulet with Chloë Hight 

Learn the art of basket weaving using local materials. Chloë Hight will lead students in weaving a small vessel with seasonally available soft plant fibers (day lily, cattail, iris, etc., using fundamental weaving techniques-including plaiting, twining, and cordage making.

We’ll make our vessel into dream amulets by filling each with herbs of the season for healing, protection and more.

Bring your momma, your sis or your BFF to make & mary! Herbal mocktails will be served. Space is limited. Must be 21+

About Chloë Hight: Chloë is a visual and teaching artist based in Portland. She explores her love of weaving and plants through her work with the Bundle, a botanically inspired art and craft collective. Follow more of her work on Instagram @learning.by.hand and @bundle.collective.

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