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Tillamook Station
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Jun 14 2019


6:00 pm - 9:00 pm



Medicine Man Pouches for the Mystical Being

Learn to craft unique leather vessels from a wise healer-Bobby Aalbers.  Bobby is a cancer survivor who grows his own to make RSO medicine. He’s also a retired bull rider, cowboy and timber faller. Class attendees will use American buckskin, handcrafted antler buttons, beads and woodburning tools to create sacred vessels for personal medicine and healing amulets. To complement the lesson, the night will begin with a mindful journey of intention and grounding meditation (offered by Shaney Aalbers, Bobby’s daughter & Make & Mary Lifted Yoga Guide). Electric Lettuce will keep us on high frequency and set the mood with a little natural inspiration.

From Shaney— Friends of the Make & Mary Community, allow me to introduce one of the Medicine Men who influences my path…the most. I have traveled to 19 countries, studied under a number of modalities, techniques, methods, plant medicine ceremonies and schools; and this is the Man who authenticates a path like no other that I have experienced.

Bobby was confronted with a prostate cancer diagnosis in the summer of 2013. He was told to entertain the allopathic course or else this cancer would metastasize to his bones.

Today, my Dad grows his own organic, hand groomed flower, makes his own RSO and chooses the edge of relating to his diagnosis with the wisdom of the plant versus the path of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. My Dad, Bobby, shares his medicine with those who cross his path – fellow humans who battle insomnia, chronic headaches, seizures, and many of the stages and phases of cancer.

This Medicine Man is my favorite Motorcycle Buddy, my best coach, my most enduring friend and teacher. My Dad makes and creates so much. With time on our side, I am plucking skills from his experiential wisdom, making, building, repairing. I invite you to share in this time of co-creating pouches for authentic magic and mystical wonder.

More about Bobby Aalbers: Once a professional bull rider and rough stock cowboy, Bobby has been a skilled timber faller and logger (15 years). He was a Carpenter (home construction & remodeling) for 20+ years, a fitness center owner/operator for 17 years, and motorcycle Enthusiast for 51 years …and more.

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