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Tillamook Station
665 North Tillamook Street, Portland, OR, 97227

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May 10 2020


10:00 am - 1:00 pm



ROOTED—Plants, Astrology & Sound

Join others in the Make & Mary tribe for an earthy celebration of roots, natural beauty, right timing, and self care. Relax and enjoy a nervous-system nourishing sound bath, shine your root chakra with a guided mind-body meditation practice led by Mindy Nettifee, make your own root tea blend, and build a flower mandala to repair our collective connection with the earth and honor all her gorgeous power.

Perfect for all the earth mamas out there, all those who care for the planet, and all those who like feeling high and grounded at the same time

More about this day—Ecopsychology and astrology both teach us about living in alignment with nature and the cosmos – they teach us the art of right timing, and the blessings of being in tune with the mother earth. Here in the northern hemisphere it is the middle of spring. New plant life that shot up with the first spring energies needs to now  develop its root system if it hopes to stabilize, grow, and sustain itself through to the blooming and fruiting. It’s also Taurus time, and this is what the archetype of Taurus is about – stability, earthiness, sensuality, rootedness. As we connect this with our own creative process, we can feel into what time it is for us — what kind of self care is needed to stabilize and nurture our own energies? How can we strengthen our roots to support further growth and expansion?