Tillamook Station


Tillamook Station
665 North Tillamook Street, Portland, OR, 97227

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Aug 01 2019


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Plant Medicine, Creativity and the Breath

How do we invite creativity into our daily lives? How can we curate just the right set and setting to create a safe space within ourselves? Join us as we explore how plant medicine and the breath can help us access our parasympathetic nervous system – the state for resting, digesting, loving, communing and creating. Through guided breath work, meditation and intentional plant infusions, learn how to access deeper clarity, clearer communication, and a higher connection to your creative life and work. We invite you on a journey that will open new windows and doorways into your creative self. Please wear comfortable clothing, bring a journal and yoga mat.

ABOUT THE INSTRUCTORS: Visiting from Brooklyn— Kathryn Han (teacher and writer) and Michael Christoforo, (certified Wim Hof Method instructor and mindfulness coach) are exploring the intersection of plant medicine and breath work for optimal living and abundant health. *We advise against participation of the dynamic breath work component during pregnancy or if you are epileptic.