Tender Loving Empire
Portland, OR, USA

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Aug 31 2019


12:00 pm - 4:00 pm



Pop Up! At Tender Loving Empire

Join Make & Mary at the flagship Westend store of Tender Loving Empire. We’ll be sharing our new product line and talking about Clean CBD Beauty, being a maker, and the importance of nurturing through creative self-care. Plus Tender Loving Empire is rad! They are one of Portland’s true supporters of local music and goods.

Tender Loving EmpireHere’s what over 10 years in business means: over 1,000,000 people have walked through our doors and seen the work of the 2000+ artists we’ve showcased, and the 400+ local musicians we’ve featured. By the end of our 10th year, we will have released 70 records and 5 comic books and made thousands and thousands of fans for the bands we represent. We’ll be employing over 35 people. We’ve paid over $2,500,000 to artists and have seen dozens of them be able to quit their day jobs and do what they love for a full time living WHICH WAS THE WHOLE POINT OF THIS ALL ALONG!