Full Moon Soundbath Sesh & Tea Offerings with Graciela The Sage & Make & Mary

Time to reflect, manifest, and release.

Join us in our studio for a soulful evening of sound vibrations with energy worker and sound practitioner, Graciela The Sage. The night will start with a small tea offering using our Empress Herbal Tea. Graciela will then lead us into an hour of sound vibrational therapy with the Himalayan hand hammered bowls, various styles of singing bowls, gong and other instruments. We’ll reflect, release and manifest with the full moon lunar energy.

About Graciela The Sage: Graciela has taken many paths throughout her life, but her passion for healing, wellness, and spirituality has lead her to energy healing and sound therapy. She is able to resurrect ancient teachings of vibrational sound to enhance the removal of toxins and blockages, provide deep levels of relaxation, improved sleep, reduce pain, and clear negative energy and emotion. From needing healing to becoming the healer. Find out more about Graciela

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