Often times people walk into the station and feel a sense of calm. I don’t know if it is the open ceilings, white brick walls, and large skylight, or the abundance of plants and a minimal touch of design. But I hear it all of the time, “this place feels good”. This is one of the reasons I felt that yoga would be a perfect offering to the space. I was so honored to have the respected Shaney Aalbers in to teach our first class, we dimmed the lights and Shaney spun her magic. You see, Shaney can carry you into flow not only with her rhythmic sequences, but also her poetic verse. It was was a great night of unwinding and a chance to get lifted both physically and naturally. 

It is my hope to offer this yoga experience on the first Thursday of every month, and that you will be able to join us! Here are few photos from the night, taken by the lovely Megan Gex.

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