About Make & Mary

highly inspired

Located in Portland, Oregon and founded in 2016. Make & Mary™ has roots in folk medicine and heritage craft making.

This natural correlation allowed for an exploration into the world of cannabis through art and design with self-care at its core. We believe that making is good for our soul and we know that taking a proactive role in our own wellness enhances our lives in every form. Whether we are making a new lotion or a macramé it’s all about creating with our hands and sharing the outcome.

We often talk about being highly inspired, and it’s not just about infused creativity. It’s about being inspired to live the life you want and need. It’s about being abundant in your heart and soul. It’s about love, laughter and freedom. It is creative, wild, humble, sexy, kind, magical and beautiful.


clean, sustainable, honest

Make & Mary™ is a conscious and transparent. Our line is centered around raising vibrations, reducing inflammation and moisturizing. We focus on sensitive and aging skin.

Made with the finest ingredients using full spectrum CBD, cannabis aromatherapy and herbal adaptogens, Make & Mary’s clean skin care solutions and lifestyle products are organic, wild-crafted, vegan, non-gmo, and cruelty free. Every product is custom formulated and crafted in-house with ingredients from local and regional sources with shared values. 

We also test all of our products with a third party to ensure that we are offering the potency we say we are.
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Yvonne Perez Emerson


founders story

You could call me a wild spirit.

I believe in the beautiful and the functional and approach life with this in mind. I spent 30 years in the graphic design industry (as a creative director in the agency world to owning my own studio). I am a dreamer, a risk taker, a doer, and a maker. My role with Make & Mary™ has not only been the founder, but also the formulator and the designer.

I started Make & Mary™ with our workshop series because I was emerged in the design community here in Portland. At the time I was the president and founder of the non-profit WeMake. I wanted to highlight how creating with cannabis was something special and a culture shared by so many people around the world. Combining plant medicine with learning nurtures our creative potential, and doing it in a gathered setting creates community.

In 2018, I  started our product line. At the time I was using CBD for low back pain and as a way to balance out my energy, I knew the power that it held.

I had already been crafting folk remedies (for over 20 years) and raised my family on tinctures, salves and natural beauty products we made at home.

Adding full spectrum CBD to my formulations seemed natural because it addressed my growing concerns about aging and the effects it had on my skin and well being. Since then I couldn’t imagine a day without it. Plant medicine and creative self-care is a necessity, and I believe in the synergy and magic there.

On a personal note, I try to play as hard as I work. When I am not in the studio I’m most likely riding my motorcycle, curating a gathering, speaking on cannabis and making, adventuring in the Northwest and living life fully along side my family. Thank you so much for stopping in!

Always be making,


“We strongly believe in wellness within beauty and that you can be holistic, feminine, radical and beautiful all at once.”