EMERGENCE—A Spring Retreat to Weave us into Awakening...

Join us for an Intimate Women’s Retreat on the Oregon coast.

Gather in nature with the renewing energies of the season for an immersive experience to open your heart, your body and your mind. 

SOLD OUT! Look for our Fall Retreat opening soon.

Every journey begins with the first step.

Join us for an Intimate Women’s Retreat with Make & Mary & Friends.

March 15th-17th (one week before Spring Equinox)
Friday Afternoon 1pm - Sunday morning 11am

Cost Starting at: $900 | Payment Plan Available-See Below for More Details

Spring is fertile with potential.

With the newness of Spring comes gifts of hope, new life, and new dreams. This Spring Retreat centers on rituals of honoring and rebirthing our feminine energies so that we can be grounded in presence to cultivate new ways and new beginnings.

The warmer winds whisper calls to action, reminding us that it is time to wake up. What better way to do so then with an intimate group of like-minded folks on the edge of the sea and the forest.


Perched at the Edge of the Sea and the Forest

We’ll gather in a modern luxurious and private dwelling located on 1.5 acres of beach front access. A beautiful container to set and reset.


Gentle offerings of love, joy, play, rest, soulful nourishment and sacred ceremony.

Spring is the time when all of nature, including ourselves is reborn. We reawaken to our purity, our innocence, and our expansive growth. It is a time to plant seeds of intentions and mother ourselves lovingly and joyfully .

sacred ceremony

Immersed Restoration & Grateful Abundance

During this experience we’ll welcome the Eastern Element of Air, and the powerful feminine energy of the Sea at our doorstep. Her meditative music will ebb and flow in every moment. Together these energies welcome rituals of mantras, manifesting and movement.

Over the weekend you will experience multiple offerings that offer guidance & expansion:

• Hapé Ceremony
• Cacao Ceremony
• A Medicinal Mico—Herbal Infused Tea Journey
• Soundbath Journey
• Yoga Movement & Breath-work
• Rituals for the Spring
• Hand-making
• Energy Cleansing
• Guided Gua sha Massage
• Opportunity for 1-1 Readings

Connecting for a day of selfcare with other women of color brought tears to my eyes, in so many ways.

attendee- WOC Day Retreat

I was so happy I attended the Fall Equinox Retreat, it gave me a chance to connect with myself and to release. I left there feeling really grounded and believing in myself.

attendee- Rituals of Release Retreat

I think the most meaningful moments for me were the mealtimes and the initial circle. Friday nights ceremony of making and Hapé felt especially sweet and connected.

attendee - Rituals of Release Retreat

Being in sisterhood, connecting with others who love and respect the Earth, beliefs in ancestral presence and the ceremonial leaders who laid down a safe place to travel was really great.

Attendee- Rituals of Release

I walked into the room and saw so many folks who looked like me, I felt at ease instantly. To be able to gather with many WOC in ceremony was beautiful.

Attendee- Ignite Retreat

I really enjoyed the ceremonial cacao, I feel like the timing at the end of the retreat was an ideal send-off back into the world.

Attendee- Ignight Retreat

Ebb & Flow

Breathe in the healing ocean with each inhale & exhale. Yoga surrounded by nature.

Take in the views

Private and communal, with floor to ceiling walls of windows give you an opportunity to take in views of the Pacific ocean from Haystack Rock to Cape Lookout. 

Nestle into the Forest

With access to miles of trails through forest wetlands to explore and wander.

plant-based menu

Food as Medicine

NIKEISAH NEWTON—Owner and Chef at Meals 4 Heels. Trendsetter Nikeisah Newton is a black queer woman, who has quickly stepped into a leadership role through food activism in her local Black and Queer community creating cohesion between the two typically segmented groups. Food has always played a major role in her life, she had exposure from an early age to cuisine and cooking methods all around the world due to her military upbringing.

Her company, Meals 4 Heels offers a range of catering services with gluten free and vegan options that can be customized for any event. As a way of showing our continuous ally ship with Sex Workers, 5% of all catering sales are donated to a curated group of Black, Trans and POC led Sex Worker groups across the nation. At Meals 4 Heels, they're not just nourishing bodies; they’re feeding souls! @meals4heels

sacred self-care

We are all connected

Not only will you learn valuable techniques to nurture new intentions and regenerate yourself, you’ll also be immerse into sacred self-care.

Other offerings include:

• Plant Allies
• Herbal Mocktails
• A gift bag of self-care essentials from Make & Mary

Accommodation & Rates

We will email you with intake and release forms after we receive your conformation order. If you have any questions email us!

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Scenes from our last retreats

We hosted four retreats last year, these images captured by Miranda Lattimore really show the essence of the gatherings.