100% Ceremonial Cacao


100% Ceremonial Cacao

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Single Sourced 100% Ceremonial Cacao

100% Ceremonial Cacao to open your heart space. Use it for your meditation practice, yoga, or as a daily drink to create balance. We carry two versions of 100% Ceremonial Cacao we source from Soul Lift Cacao. Cacao has been considered sacred in Mesoamerica for thousand of years. It has numerous super-food benefits, and can deepen introspective practices. Every portion of these cacao’s support indigenous people through ethical direct trade, and helps then preserve their spiritual traditions and values.

Heart of Earth Ruk’u’x Ulew Ceremonial Cacao: The Heart of Earth is a traditional Grandmother Spirit Cacao from Alta Verapaz, Guatemala. It is grown on an indigenous family farm. Once harvested, the cacao is sent to Lake Atitlán, where a women’s collective carefully selects the best beans and roasts them over a wood fire. We also use the nibs of this Cacao in our Armonía Tea.

Profile: Smooth, toasted, traditional chocolate, ‘grandmother’ energy

Mitla Ceremonial Cacao is grown in Chiapas Mexico near the southern border, the the historic cacao cultivation town of Soconusco. The seeds are taken to the nearby state oof Oaxaca, where they are toasted and peeled by Eva and friends. It is named after the Zapotec archeological site near where it is prepared.

Profile: Savory, buttery blend of fermented “washed” (unfermented) cacao.

Herbalist founded and formulated

Certified Cruelty Free

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