Frankincense Hydrosol


Earthy Embodiment Mister

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Aroma: Warm, earthy, and resinous

Key Ingredients: Frankincense, 150mg full spectrum extract

tone & rejuvenate

Frankincense is an aromatic ancient resin used to elevate the mood, mind, and skin.* Hydrosols are known as the plant’s life force. A highly concentrated and hydrating plant-based extract used to soothe and balance the skin–your final protective barrier from the outside world. We suggest using Frankincense Hydrosol for oily and irritated skin, as it’s known to balance healthy oil production.

Frankincense ~ A powerfully rich, calming resin extract that helps to ease minor inflammation and promote healthy skin rejuvenation.*
Hemp ~ This green power herb is used to calm dry, irritated skin and to lock in moisture so you can stay dewy all day long.*

RITUAL: Spray our Frankincense Hydrosol all over the body after dry brushing or spritz a few sprays in the mouth to enjoy its mood-lifting energy. We love this spray with our daily ritual before applying our Face & Body CBD Serum.

TRY SOMETHING: Pair with our Face & Body CBD Serum & Herbal Remedy Matcha Face Mask for a spa facial.

Discover more about the benefits of hydrosols here.
Learn more about these herbs and their properties on our Ingredients Page.

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  1. Cherry

    This smells just like the Frankincense resin you burn but it’s better because you can put it on your face!

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INGREDIENTS: *Frankincense Cellular Water (Boswellia carteri Officinalis), *Full Spectrum Water Soluble Hemp Extract (Cannabis Sativa)—(Filtered Water, Organic MCT Oil, Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, *Sunflower Lecithin, *Quillaja Extract, Potassium Sorbate) *ORGANIC