Lemon Glaze Match Striker


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Store those wooden matches in a beautiful match stick striker. These ceramic holders are hand-crafted in a minimalist design. Each piece is formed with care and attention to detail and no two are alike. This process leaves behind traces of workmanship.

The match strikers come in three neutral color choices and match our Palo Santo Burners and are perfect for lighting your Palo Santo Sticks.

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Make & Mary brings the work of Carmen Aberasturi, owner of LemonGlaze ceramics to our collection. These handmade minimalist match strikers are crafted with care and detail. Each piece is created on the potters wheel.

When you stock up on our ethically sourced Palo Santo Sticks you’ll want to showcase the sacred smoke in style. These strikers work amazing with wood matches and also match our Palo Santo Burner!

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Match Striker-Blue Grey, Match Striker-Dark Grey, Match Striker-Terracotta


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