Palo Santos Bundles


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Collected from only naturally-fallen trunks + branches in the dry forests of Ecuador (in black ribbon) & Perú (in gold ribbon), where this beloved wood is abundant in nature. Our source proudly partners with a network of native community associations who act as the gatekeepers & stewards of the forest while overseeing the sustainable management & ethical trade of their natural forest resources.


Packaged in a velvet ribbon with 5 pieces per bundle. The Black Ribbon is from Ecuador and the wood pieces are slightly smaller. The Gold Ribbon is from Perú and the pieces are slightly larger.


Use our Palo Santo Holders and matching match strikers to showcase burning your palo santo in safety & style.

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Certified ethically sourced

Our Palo Santo sticks are gathered in nature and split by hand. Burning Palo Santos has been done in ritual for hundreds of years to raise vibrations and cleanse a space.

Palo Santo is a wild tree native to the countries of Ecuador & Peru. It is most often encountered in the form of its heartwood or essential oil. The wood is commonly burned in a nature similar to incense by allowing the smoke to cleanse an area. Its essence is believed to energetically clear a space of any lingering stagnant energy.

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Ecuador, Peru


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