Soulshine Ritual Essential Oil Candle


Each essence was chosen to evoke a senses of calm.

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Raise your vibration with earthy luxury.

Aroma: Woody, spicy, floral

Key Ingredients: Palo santo, holy basil, and ylang-ylang.

reset & release

This uplifting and clearing essential oil candle is free from artificial fragrances. A unique blend of palo santo, tulsi, cedarwood, and bergamot to light up relaxation. Press reset; invoke the spirit of wonder and ease into calm.

Each aromatic oil has their own unique offerings:

Cannabis to calm.
Palo santo to clear.
Holy basil to purify.
Cedarwood to ground.
Ylang-ylang to uplift.
Bergamot to ease.
Black pepper to circulate.
Cardamom to invigorate.
Patchouli to embody.

RITUAL: Light at your altar or in your sacred place, and let the natural scents help to reset and restore your inner being. 40 hour burn time.

UP-CYCLE & RE-USE: The beautiful cut glass vessel has been crafted with an air-tight lid, perfect for storing your small treasures or using it as a stash jar for your favorite flower.

TRY SOMETHING: Pair up with our Soulshine Bath Bomb and Soulshine Roll-on for a trio of Soulshine bliss!

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Herbalist founded and formulated

Herbalist Founded & Formulated

Herbalist founded and formulated

Full Spectrum Botanicals

Herbalist founded and formulated

Certified Cruelty Free

5 reviews for Soulshine Ritual Essential Oil Candle

  1. Lonna

    Can you just bottle up this so I can wear it as perfume please?!

  2. Laurel

    A perfect ritual candle. Looks beautiful on my altar and when it’s finished I love that I can take the empty jar back to the shop to recycle. They even give me a discount!

  3. Carole

    This candle is everything. I am so sensitive to smells and can not handle burning candles with artificial fragrances. Make & Mary has really created a beautiful candle that always makes me feel so good when I am burning it. They really thought of everything when they made this candle!

  4. Elle

    The best smelling candles I have tried in a long time! I love how clean they burn and am so thankful they are made with only essential oils!

  5. Meryl

    SEXIEST CANDLE I’VE OWNED!!! I get so many compliments on the aroma and how beautiful it looks on desk.

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Soy Wax, Essential Oils of Palo Santos, Tulsi, Cardamon, Black Pepper, Bergamot, Cannabis, Cedarwood, Dark Patchouli, and Ylang Ylang.

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