Soulshine Aromatherapy Roll-On


Clearing, calming and grounding.

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Vibrate higher all day long.

Aroma: Woody, spicy, and floral

Key Ingredients: Palo santo, holy basil, and ylang-ylang

soulful & clearing

Anoint yourself with earthy bliss.  A unique blend of palo santo, tulsi, cedarwood, cannabis, ylang ylang and other essential oils offer clearing and calming aromatherapy benefits. Roll it on as a natural perfume and enjoy the soulful scent all day long.

Each aromatic oil has their own unique offerings:

Cannabis to calm.
Palo santo to clear.
Holy basil to purify.
Cedarwood to ground.
Ylang-ylang to uplift.
Bergamot to ease.
Black pepper to circulate.
Cardamom to invigorate.
Patchouli to embody.

RITUAL: Roll onto wrists and dab behind your ears.

TRY SOMETHING: Pair up with our Soulshine Bath Bomb and Soulshine Ritual Candle for a trio of Soulshine bliss!

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Herbalist founded and formulated

Herbalist Founded & Formulated

Herbalist founded and formulated

Full Spectrum Botanicals

Herbalist founded and formulated

Certified Cruelty Free


Essential Oils of Palo Santos, Tulsi, Cardamon, Black Pepper, Bergamot, Cannabis, Cedarwood, Dark Patchouli, and Ylang Ylang infused into MTC oil.

FDA Information

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