Statement Pillar Candles


Traditional candles, reimagined.

$ 21.00$ 45.00

Key Ingredients: Soy wax, beeswax, fragrance free, hand-made.

Whimsical and idiosyncratic

Founded by furniture and lighting designer Carl Durkow, this maker offers a collection of fragrance free candles loosely shaped like inanimate objects such as chess pawns and honey dippers (or maybe something else 🙂 ).

Molded out of a blend of soy and beeswax, the candles arrive in captivating oblongs and curves that beg for interpretation. Candles dyed in a palette of pastels and bright tones add ornamental flair, while off-white candles seamlessly blend into any environment. Carl Durkow brings an imaginative touch to the art of candle-making with its selection of playful and practical pieces.

Handmade, modern and fun!