The Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Self-care. Plus our insight to running a mother-daughter business in 2022.

Photos by Natalie Gildersleeve

Here’s to Strong Women, May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them. 

This Mother’s Day we wanted to share our favorite Mother’s Day Gift Ideas and a little bit about our mother & daughter business relationship. Working together has evolved over the last year and a half. It’s brought us closer, taught us a few things about each other, and solidified our family values even more.

I love seeing my mom in a different light and gaining a new perspective on her as a person.

Mother and daughter working together to create self-care gift’s for Mother’s Day and everyday.

What is your favorite thing about working as a mother and daughter team?

Y- I love having Carlee be an integral part of Make & Mary, it was never planned, but her by my side has been the best thing I could have hoped for, as a founder and the success of Make & Mary. I now consider us a family business, and it’s something I treasure the most. For me, family is everything, everyday working together with my daughter makes me proud. I get to see her in a new light, learn from her perspective and teach her a little more about me in ways she never knew.

C- I love seeing my mom in a different light and gaining a new perspective on her as a person. It’s been great to get to know each other in new ways as adults and watch our relationship grow as our complimentary strengths work together.

What have you learned from the other person?

Y- Carlee is creative, but much more practical than me at times, and though she is a free spirit, I am teaching her to take more chances. And in turn she is teaching me to let go of some control, and to listen with a fresh ear. She’s also helped me to slow my roll, and at times get my head out of the clouds…which is an easy place for me to be as a creative person. She has more patience than me, which is so funny, sometimes I feel like the one who is the kid! That’s not bad thing either!

C- My mom has taught me so much about what it takes to be an independent business owner as well as how to foster fulfilling and reciprocal relationships with the community through our offerings. I’m truly in awe of my mother and learn something new from her everyday!

She has more patience than me, which is so funny, sometimes I feel like the one who is the kid! That’s not bad thing either!


Tell us about your favorite Make & Mary products to make!

Y- I really love making our Inner Beauty Tincture. It is so aligned with where I am right now in regards to being a woman and slow living. I love that we begin its creation on the new moon and let it swell in properties two full moons later. It has really helped me during peri-menopause and my quest to keep things flowing. It’s also really great by itself or mixed in a mocktail, and I love a good mocktail!

C-  My two favorite products to make are our Empress Tea and the moisturizing wands. Blending the herbs for the tea is so fun and smells AMAZING. I also love the process of melting everything down for the wands and perfecting each one by hand.

Which Make & Mary products could you not live without?

Y- I could definitely not live without our Face & Body Serum or our Natural Wonder Moisturizing Wand. Using these two products on my skin daily for the last five years have done wonders for my complexion. The aromatic scents are so grounding, but the nourishing oils and extracts have kept my skin feeling soft and free of too many wrinkles. I am not opposed to wrinkles (I’ve earned mine) but I don’t mind having a few less! 

I really love every product we make, (I mean, I made them for myself first, ha!). But when I am really in the need of some me time it’s a cup of tea, candles lit, and a hot bath with one of our bath bombs. I feel so unapologetically indulgent, it feels good to treat myself that way ever now and then.

C- I have chronic pain in my back and get migraines regularly. The Rosemary Lavender Oil absolutely saves me when I have pain flare ups and is one of the only ways I can get relief from migraines. I apply directly to my back or forehead and feel sweet relief!

I’m also a lover of all things sparkly and glowy and use the Free Spirit Moisturizing Wand whenever I want some pizazz! I usually only wear mascara for makeup and my gold magic wand on as a highlighter on my cheeks and décolletage.

Check Out Our Recommendations For The Best Mother’s Day Gifts for Self-care

Yvonne’s Recommendations for the Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Self-care

For me the ultimate gifts for mom involve personal space and tapping into our intuition. With the last two years being so chaotic and more trying on moms, I think we deserve time to softly quiet our souls. My gifts involve learning the art of letting go and filling our cup unapologetically.

Carlee’s Recommendations for the Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Self-care

My picks for gifts for mom all stem from the desire to give back to the ones that have given us life. Being a mother is hard work and caring for others often comes with sacrificing self care. All of my choices soothe, relax or allow a well-deserved moment of self indulgence.

Love Note Bath Bomb
Empress Tea
Inner Beauty Tincture
People of Color Nail Polish
Bamboo Wash Cloths
Even Keel Soap
Marshmallow Bon Bons
De-Puffing Amethyst Face Roller
Rosemary Lavender Roll-on
Wellness Tio Gift Set
Frankie & Coco Cosmetic Bag

Looking for something to do this Mother’s Day together? Come join us for a pre-Mother’s Day Basket Weaving Class!

Learn the art of basket weaving using local materials. Chloë Hight will lead students in weaving a small vessel with seasonally available soft plant fibers (day lily, cattail, iris, etc., using fundamental weaving techniques-including plaiting, twining, and cordage making.

We’ll make our vessel into dream amulets by filling each with herbs of the season for healing, protection and more.

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