The Best CBD Products for Travel

The Best CBD Products for Travel

From calming inhalers to muscle-relaxing oils, these are the travel-friendly CBD products we don’t leave home without.

Travel can be stressful, especially when paired with early morning flights, long lines, and unfamiliar settings. That’s why we always take a few minutes to pack our favorite travel-friendly CBD products before we hit the road. Whether you’re taking a moment to ground yourself with a cannabis inhaler or treat your skin to a post-flight facial, we’re willing to bet you’ll never regret bringing these packable CBD products with you on the go.

A personal inhaler made from pure cannabis essential oil and other organic oils.

Calm Cannabis Inhaler

Sometimes you just need a reminder to breathe, and in those instances, we reach for our Calm Cannabis Inhaler before anything else. With a soothing blend of cedarwood, frankincense, lavender, and cannabis essential oil, this handy inhaler fits easily into bags of all sizes and won’t cause a hitch when going through airport security. Reach for this inhaler when you’re feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or stressed – or if you feel a headache coming on. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and let the grounding terpenes wash over you with the gift of calm.

“The calm inhaler instantly relaxes my mind and reminds me to just breathe through those anxious moments.”


Flor De Maria CBD Chocolate, we love these fine chocolates!
Flor De María CBD Chocolate, we love these fine chocolates!

Flor de María CBD Chocolate Bars

Good snacks can be hard to come by, especially in airports or when traveling off the beaten path. We recently discovered Flor de María’s artisanal CBD chocolate bars, and it’s safe to say they’re making it into our bags from here on out. Flor de María prides themselves on making their chocolate bars out of the finest ingredients, including cacao from one of the oldest, family-run chocolate manufacturers in Venezuela, salt from the Amagansett Sea, and full-spectrum CBD oil from their home state of New York. Many of their chocolate bars are vegan and gluten-free, and with 120 mg of CBD each, they’re sure to help you chill out on the road.

Make & Mary Turmeric Ginger CBD Oil
Make & Mary Turmeric Ginger CBD Oil

Turmeric & Ginger CBD Roll-On

Between folding your legs under tiny airport seats and lugging heavy bags from here to there, travel can be hard physically, as well as mentally. When we find ourselves feeling sore and achy after a long day on the road, we massage our Turmeric & Ginger CBD Roll-On onto achy joints and sore muscles. Insider’s tip: this roll-on blend is borderline orgasmic when applied to the soles of your feet after a long day walking or standing.

Why does this blend work so well? Turmeric, ginger, and CBD are all particularly well known for their warming, anti-inflammatory properties – just what the doctor ordered to soothe achy joins and sore muscles.

P.S. – If you find yourself struggling with tensions headaches after a long day on the road, then we recommend trying our Rosemary and Lavender CBD Roll-On – it also offers anti-inflammatory benefits and features an extra-soothing blend of floral aromas.

“I use the roll-on every night and it works wonders. I’ve finally found a solution that ibuprofen, stretching, and other treatments could never provide!”


Rogue Paq Vegan Ritual Case

If you prefer to inhale your CBD along with a healthy dose of THC, then we “highly” recommend carrying your buds and accessories in style with a Rogue Paq carrying case. We love these stylish and functional vegan cases because their thoughtful design includes scent suppression for extreme discretion, ample room to store all your cannabis accessories and tools, a water-resistant lining, and internal padding for safe carrying. At $175 for the vegan option it is a bit of an investment, but we think it’s worth the price to feel the satisfaction and joy of having a well-organized, super-stylish stash.

Your CBD Essentials for traveling long distances

CBD Wellness Trio

Our CBD Wellness Trio is your one-stop shop for CBD skincare on the go. This travel-friendly trio includes our Calm Inhaler (mentioned above) for finding balance during anxious moments. It also includes a sample size of our Face and Body Serum to support cell rejuvenation at the skin’s deepest level. Apply this serum to your face, neck, hands, or any other part of your body that feels dry and depleted after a long flight, and then rejoice in the relief that’s sure to follow. This best-selling trio also includes our Natural Wonders CBD Wand that you can apply under your eyes to reduce puffiness or on your lips to help moisturize. As an extra bonus, our CBD Wands include skin-repairing ingredients that help heal cuts and bruises.

“I love Make & Mary products and use them to help clear up my acne. I use the serum and wand at least twice daily!”

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