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We believe artistic expression and presence are ignited through the practice of self and community care. 

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We’re herbalists, artists, and Latinas. Our business is community-minded, and our botanical formulas are always all-natural, potent, cruelty-free, vegan, and low-waste. We’re very passionate about sustainability and preserving the quality of life for ourselves and future generations.

Make & Mary became official in 2016 but has been incubating over generations. Our work has been inspired by our Mexican and Scottish heritage, and our formulas have been perfected for over 20 years by our herbalist and founder, Yvonne Pérez Emerson.

You can find us in our brick & mortar located in the Alberta Arts District in Portland, Oregon. We formulate and make our entire product line in-house and host monthly creative self-care events for body & soul.

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Founders Story

I am a dreamer, an Earth sister, herborista/medicine woman, creative maker, soul/birth doula, energy weaver, and ceremonial designer. I draw inspiration from my ancestral lineage of Mexican and Scottish decent, each rooted in Earth-based practices and cosmic connections. My intuitive sense has given me the opportunity to lead with heart, and with the courage to do so. I strive to stay rooted in a conscious relationship with the earth, moon  sun, water, plants, stones, guides and other unseen realms that expand and teach me.

I have spent 30 years working with medicinal plants, facilitating healing circles, and providing a platform for creativity & community. When I was a young woman, I learned the magick of plants and began developing my relationship with them. At the same time, I followed the path of the artist. Eventually that lead me to become a creative director through graphic design. I ran my own design studio, helmed creative teams in the agency world, started a few non-profits, curated and hosted international design conferences and created community through public art and giving back. I have always been lead by my dreams.

I am so grateful to have been working with the land and the plants over the years. What started out as a necessity towards a holistic approach in raising my kids and family, became something I couldn’t see my path without. I love everything about being a maker, and formulating and creating clean offerings for body, bath and soul.

I am also equally grateful to curate experiences that include various modalities—from hands-on heritage craft making to energy working, ceremonial practices, and plant medicine offerings. Over the years I have hosted 100's of workshops and many women's retreats. It is with so much gratitude that I share these experiences with our community.

I believe in the power of divine energy, aligning deeply with the natural world and nurturing ourselves whole-heartedly.

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I have been crafting folk remedies for over 20 years and raised my family with tinctures, salves and natural beauty products we made at home.

Yvonne Perez Emerson

It takes a community to make change

Though we are not a big organization, we think BIG and have made an effort to give back to our community over the years—in Portland and beyond.

Here are just a few organizations we have donated to over the last year.

Our Ingredients

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