Cannabliss Reviews and Gives High Marks

Cannabliss Reviews and Gives High Marks

We were excited to be featured in the Cannabliss Magazine were they review Make & Mary and dub us Magic Makers in Clean CBD Beauty & Wellness. They give us High Marks for our CBD Skin-care products and our passion. After trying our CBD Face & Body Serum the writer quickly discovered that her face felt soft and hydrated and was less red than usual. She loved the fresh scent and appreciated the use of Rosehip Oil in the base, a known oil used to even out the skin tone and reduce scarring over time.

CANNABLISS is the first nationally syndicated newsstand publication that celebrates, and focuses on, the exciting connections between health, wellness and cannabis!

They got a chance to try our skincare offerings and gave us rave reviews!

Make & Mary's high-quality skin-care and lifestyle products are made by people who clearly take pride in what they do—the definitely have skin in the game. Those who use them are in a for a luxurious self-care experience that also boosts their physical and mental wellness. I can personally attest to the truth of Make & Mary's slogan: It won't get you high but it sure will feel good.


We love that they reviewed our CBD Skin-care line and gave us High Marks for our sweet & sassy CBD Beauty products. Featured in the article is our Cannabis Essential Oil Inhalers, they come in two blends: Calm or Clarity. The inhalers are made from pure Cannabis Essential Oil using the Hemp plant and other organic essential oils. The oils are infused in Himalayan Sea Salt and the benefits result instantly from breathing in the powerful terpenes each plant produces.

You can grab a copy of the magazine in over 30,000 stores nationwide including: Whole Foods, Walmart, CVS, Duane Reade, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Albertsons.

We really appreciated the love but there was a correction! Our founder's name is Yvonne Perez Emerson not Anderson...LOL

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