Green Queen, An Interview With Ladies Of Paradise

Green Queen, An Interview With Ladies Of Paradise

There is such a small group of women making waves in the Cannabis and CBD community, and in the Pacific Northwest we have an abundance of women holding space and and lifting each other up. One group of ladies we love are actually called the Ladies of Paradise.

What we dig about them is their carefree attitude and style. They're young, fashionable, edgy, and they go for it always. They're newest adventure is a line of hemp pre-rolls we just love, and go perfect with our Cannabis Inhalers. For us there is something ritual about smoking herbs, and smoking hemp is relaxing and medicinal without the high. They're Smoking Jays our one of our favorites.

And they support women. We got a chance to visit them in our studio and they dressed our founder Yvonne up and took some pictures, naturally. They even wrote a blog post. Read the whole story and check out more photos on their blog!

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