Abstract Painting Workshop With Maja Dlugolecki

Abstract Painting Workshop With Maja Dlugolecki

WOW! That's how we felt when we looked out onto the floor of our workshop space. 40+ people joined us to learn about abstract art from local artist Maja Dlugolecki . The room was filled with friends, couples, mothers and daughters, and even people who ventured out on their own.

Something that stood out to me was that amidst the sea of people spread out on the floor, using the same colors and tools, each piece was different from the next. How beautiful that our minds translate our individual experiences in so many forms. ”


Nestled side-by-side we explored color pallets, and learned about the process that Maja uses to create. In her first workshop, Maja encouraged us to be vulnerable and to let go, and we did. She did a great job explaining techniques and everyone was so thankful to have the opportunity to spend the night together making art. Serra was also in the house to share a little natural inspiration, it was the perfect pairing for a highly inspired evening.

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