Holidaze-Himmeli Ornament Workshop

Holidaze-Himmeli Ornament Workshop

“It was nice to have a night of making with my boyfriend for the holidays. I love our ornaments and was stoked to win a chocolate kush plant for the house! Thank you HIFI Farms for the tunes, the plant, and the inspiration, and thank you Yvonne for being an excellent and patient instructor! YOU GUYS RULE!


It was snowy and even though half of Portland stayed home (we are not prepared for snow in this city :) many made it out to celebrate as we got in the holidaze spirit and crafted brass himelli ornaments for the season.

Though the air was cold outside, inside was toasty and Hifi Farms set the tone by playing vinyl throughout the night. It was great to have them DJ but even better to hear about their journey into this amazing industry, and how they strive to be a Clean Green Certified™ farm. Did you know that being clean green is the closest you can get to organic cannabis?

Himmeli is considered the quintessential traditional Finnish Christmas decoration originally made from wooden straws. Using brass piping gives these 3D structures a modern twist. Many people use them to hold air plants, but there also perfect for hiding a little nugget in the tree!

Hifi Farms was founded by four friends who combined their passions for music, sustainability and organics, and set about designing a conscious cultivation model that produces high quality, clean cannabis while it lessons it's impact on the environment. They're farm is located just outside of the city in Hillsboro, Oregon and they are not only committed towards being sustainable but also serving the community through leadership and participation. Collaborating on a Make & Mary seemed like a perfect fit for supporting the maker community.

“HiFi is built on our relationships and involvement with our community. We think it's a better way to build a business, and we love what Make & Mary stands for and are excited to be wroking with them on this event.”


Hifi goes beyond getting crafty though, they are also members of Portland Made (which is awesome because farmers are makers too) and their latest community alliance is with Welcome Home Coalition—a movement that is working to build affordable housing for Portland Metro area families.

“According to HUD, Oregon has the highest percentage of homeless families with children not living in a shelter. That is unconscionable. Portland in particular is obviously going through an extreme period of growth and change right now, and the cannabis industry is a part of that change. Consequently I feel we have an absolute responsibility to not leave those who are most vulnerable behind. HiFi Farms was a strong advocate for the successful yes for affordable homes ballot measure, and our continued work with the welcome home coalition is natural outgrowth of that advocacy.


It's great that Hifi is making a commitment to support and advocate for community, we need people to use their platform to share public concerns and embrace the challenges to make a difference. The cannabis industry should be no different than any other industry that makes a stand, and Hifi Farms is right out front...where they should be.

Thanks for everyone who made it out to share in the festivities! And congratulations to the four lucky attendees who got to take home not only two great ornaments and some natural inspiration, but a special present of their own. Now that's the spirit!

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