Rituals of Release—A Fall Equinox Retreat

Rituals of Release—A Fall Equinox Retreat

Rituals of Release Retreat

Join us for an Intimate Women’s Retreat
with Make & Mary & Friends.

September 22-24th

Friday Afternoon- Sunday Late Afternoon
Cost Starting at: $888, Payment Plan Available / See Below for More Details!

WE ARE SOLD OUT. If you are interested in attending, please send us an email as we may be able to work something out!

Gather in fullness with the energies of the season for an immersive experience to open your heart, your body and your mind. Fall Equinox is a time when the veil is thin between the outer worlds, it’s when we harvest—the land and our inner selves. This Equinox welcomes in the rituals of release, composting and clearing. It is a calling to journey deeply within, to live in the magic of our dreams and to heal.

During the Fall Equinox we arrive at a moment of perfect balance. Where we hang suspended with the light of the day equal to the length of the night. During this time we can reap the benefits of the season and harvest all that we have sown. We can gather in ceremony to reflect on what we need to give death to, in order to create more life.

Join Us in Releasing with the Magic of the Land

We welcome you to experience gentle offerings of love, joy, play, rest, soulful nourishment and sacred ceremony.

You are the Medicine Woman. You have sprouted and mid-wifed. You are courageous and free. You know. You see. You re-member….

The Setting

Our retreat takes place on a peaceful twenty-acre oasis that is nestled in the lush watershed of the Columbia River basin, an hour outside of Portland, OR. Home to old-growth cedar groves, majestic blue herons, wide-open meadows, and a bubbling creek, this sacred land nourishes the body, mind, and soul in every way.

Immersed Restoration & Grateful Abundance

Sacred Ceremony

During this experience we’ll work with the land to draw from and give back—to exhale the things we no longer need. We’ll find sacred ceremony to celebrate the harvest and give gratitude for all we have. Reminding ourselves to put down the baskets of Summer, and to let go of all those yeses we managed— so that we can make ourselves lighter to move in nonlinear realms, and dreamtime.

Over the weekend you will experience multiple offerings that offer guidance & comfort:

  • Hapé Ceremony
  • Mico Wisdom from an Indigenous Lens; with Ceremony
  • Cacao Journey
  • Soundbath Journey Experience’s
  • Yoga Movement & Breath-work
  • Morning Meditations
  • Intuition Building
  • Rituals for the Equinox
  • Hand-making
  • Energy Cleansing
  • Opportunity for 1-1 Readings
  • Opportunity for private body massages

Scenes from our Spring Ignite Retreat

Retreat Venue & Location

Approximately one hour outside Portland and 2 1/2 hours from Seattle.

There is an Event Barn that features a 2,400 square foot main floor and 1,000 square foot loft for some of our gatherings. It is temperature controlled with both heat and A/C, and features an excellent sound system, couches for relaxing and connecting, and large garage doors that open to the outdoors. Dance Party!

While the Retreat House and all accommodations are comfortable and stylishly-appointed, some accommodation options are “glamping” and depending on the weather, dining will be at outdoor tables with a family style vibe. The Main House has two bathrooms, and there is an outdoor shower area with two private stalls (and portable toilets), available to all staying in the cabins and glamping tents. Please set your expectations accordingly to have a more flexible and fluid retreat weekend in Nature!

Meals & Dining: We will enjoy a fully catered retreat program, with nourishing meals daily, along with coffee, tea, and snacks. The all-inclusive rates include dinner on Friday through lunch on Sunday. The meals will be plant-based and primarily gluten-free. Special diets, including vegan, can easily be accommodated. Please note your dietary preferences and/or allergens on the Retreat Intake.

Accommodation & Rates

All-inclusive- Lodgings, Instruction, Food & Beverages

Rates listed are all-inclusive and include all retreat programming (yoga, meditation, sound baths, art making, plant medicine, and so much more), 2 nights lodging, bath towels & cloths, all catered meals (Friday dinner – Sunday lunch) and snacks, bed + bath linens. They do not include transportation to/from the retreat venue.

Rooms are set up so you can book with friends, share beds or have your own private room. See below for FAQ on this.

If you have any questions about room options, please email us.


We are all connected. Nothing is in Isolation.

Not only will you learn valuable techniques to restore & let go, you’ll also spend two nights and 1.5 days immersed into sacred self-care. Other offerings include:

  • Plant Allies
  • Herbal Mocktails
  • A gift bag of self-care essentials from Make & Mary


The retreat house features four bedrooms, each comfortably appointed with high-quality cotton bedding, closet space, natural views, and original artwork. There are two full bathrooms in the retreat house on the first floor, next to the Forest, Orchard, and Moon rooms, and the Sky room is upstairs. There is a living room, reading nook, two decks, a spacious kitchen with large kitchen table. All Retreat House rooms have both heat and A/C.

1. Sky Room: 3 full beds + 3 single trundles (sleeps 3-6) :: SOLD OUT ::

Sky Room is a bright and freshly renovated 600-square-foot room on the second floor with large windows and a sliding glass door leading to a balcony overlooking the orchard. Sky Room features three comfortable full beds and three single trundles with quality cotton bedding, duvets, bedside tables, two skylights, ample closet space, two dressers, luggage racks, hooks, mirrors, a couch, a reading chair, extra poufs, original artwork, stylish decor, heat/AC. The bathroom is located on the floor below.

Triple Rate:

  • $1222 Single (per person)
  • $1111 Double (per person- 1 on bed one on trundle)

2. Orchard Room: 3 queen beds (sleeps 3-6) :: SOLD OUT ::

A light and spacious 350-square-foot room with two large windows, tall wood ceilings, a sliding glass door leading to a deck, and a view of the orchard. The Orchard Room features three comfortable queen beds with quality cotton bedding, duvets, bedside tables, ample closet space, luggage racks, hooks, mirrors, a dresser, a reading chair, original artwork, stylish decor, and heat/AC. The bathroom is located next to the room.

  • $1222 Single (per person)
  • $1111 Double (sharing the bed)

3. Forest Room: 2 queen beds (sleeps 2-4) :: SOLD OUT ::

Forest Room is a cozy 250-square-foot room on the first floor with two windows, forest views, and tall wood ceilings located at the back of the house. Forest Room features two comfortable queen beds with quality cotton bedding, duvets, a bedside table, ample closet space, a large dresser, luggage racks, hooks, a mirror, a reading chair, original artwork, stylish decor, and heat/AC. The bathroom is located next to the room.

  • $1222 Single (per person)
  • $1111 Double (sharing the bed)

4. Moon Room: 2 full beds (sleeps 2-4) :: SOLD OUT ::

Moon Room is a sweet 250-square-foot room on the first floor with two large windows and an orchard view. Moon Room features two comfortable full beds with quality cotton bedding, duvets, a bedside table, ample closet space, luggage racks, hooks, a mirror, a dresser, original artwork, stylish decor, and heat/AC. The bathroom is located next to the room and a reading nook is located directly across from the room.

  • $1222 Single (per person)
  • $1111 Double (sharing the bed)


There are three small cabins at The Nest – two singles and one double. Each cabin has power, lights, heat, fans, comfortably appointed beds, and stylish decor.

Year-round portable toilets and a sink with running water and a mirror are a short walk away. A private, two-stall, outside shower is available.

1. Perch Cabin: 2 queen beds (sleeps 2-4) :: SOLD OUT ::

A light-filled 250-square-foot cabin with tall ceilings and two large windows overlooking the meadow (the most spectacular view on the property!). Perch Cabin features two comfortable queen beds with high-quality cotton bedding, duvets, extra blankets, a desk, dresser, mirror, large chair, luggage rack, stand-alone hanging rack, hooks, original artwork, stylish decor, heat, fans, outlets, and solar lights on the porch. We will book both beds.

  • $1555 Single (per bed)
  • $1444 Double (per bed)

2. Heron Cabin: 1 queen bed (sleeps 1-2) :: SOLD OUT ::

A private 150-square-foot cabin with tall ceilings, three small windows, and a front porch with a view of the meadow, Heron Cabin features one comfortable queen bed with quality cotton bedding, duvet, extra blankets, a desk, dresser, mirror, large chair, luggage rack, stand-alone hanging rack, hooks, original artwork, stylish decor, heat, fans, outlets, and solar lights on the porch. We will book both beds.

  • $1555 Single (per bed)
  • $1444 Double (per bed)

3. Hummingbird Cabin: 1 queen bed (sleeps 1-2) :: SOLD OUT ::

A private 150-square-foot cabin with tall ceilings, three small windows, and a front porch, Heron Cabin features one comfortable queen bed with quality cotton bedding, duvet, extra blankets, a desk, dresser, mirror, large chair, luggage rack, stand-alone hanging rack, hooks, original artwork, stylish decor, heat, fans, outlets, and solar lights on the porch.

  • $1555 Single (per bed)
  • $1444 Double (per bed)


There are four 300-square-foot, high-quality, cotton, glamping bell tents at The Nest– Sumac, Elderberry, Comfrey, and Yarrow.

Each tent has two XL single beds comfortably appointed with high-quality cotton bedding, duvets, fleece and wool blankets, solar lights, bedside tables, Moroccan poufs, luggage racks, and reading chairs. There are windows at the top of each tent for star-gazing and additional windows with screens along the base for beautiful views of nature and airflow.

Currently, the glamping tents do not have electricity, heat, or air conditioning. You will find solar and battery-powered lights in each tent. We recommend bringing a headlight and an external charger for your phone.

Year-round portable toilets and a sink with running water and a mirror are a short walk away. A private, two-stall, outside shower is available. We will book both beds per tent.

  • $1111 2 Singles (Sleeps 1 per bed)- SUMAC :: SOLD OUT ::
  • $1111 2 Singles (Sleeps 1 per bed)- ELDERBERRY :: SOLD OUT ::
  • $1111 2 Singles (Sleeps 1 per bed)- COMFREY :: SOLD OUT ::
  • $1111 2 Singles (Sleeps 1 per bed)- YARROW :: SOLD OUT ::

The Medicine Women & Guides

Yvonne Perez Emerson—Yvonne Perez Emerson—Owner and founder of Make & Mary and Casa de Ritual. Yvonne is an Earth sister, bruja, medicine woman, creative maker, light worker and ceremonial designer. Her intuitive sense has given her the opportunity to lead with heart energy. She has spent 30 years working with medicinal plants, has helmed creative teams, facilitated healing circles, and provided a platform for creativity & community throughout her career. Her curated experiences include various modalities—from hands-on heritage craft making to energy working, ceremonial practices, and plant medicine offerings. Yvonne believes in the power of divine energy and nurturing ourselves and community whole-heartedly.


Graciela Teofield—Sound practitioner and energy healer. Graciela has done many things around health and wellness, education and spirituality. By using vibrational sound therapy with the Himalayan hand hammered bowls, various styles of singing bowls, gong and other sound making instruments Graciela is able to resurrect ancient teachings of vibrational sound to enhance the removal of toxins and blockages, provide deep levels of relaxation, improved sleep, reduce pain, and clear negative energy and emotion. She is a Medical Reiki Master through Raven Keys, a Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki Master through ICRT with Colleen Benelli, VSTCLP with Vibrational Sound Association and a Yomassage® Energy Practitioner. She also holds a M.A. Education from Portland State University. 



Shaney Aalbers—Shaney Aalbers has been instructing body movement since 1995 and has been licensed as a Massage Therapist since 2000. She has traveled the world and studied extensively and has lead national and international retreats and workshops since 2007. She holds an Undergraduate Degree in Community Health Education with countless instructor certifications. Shaney’s poetic vibrations flow through her teachings in a stream of consciousness that is both enlightening and mystical. Her wisdom shines through as she takes you on a journey of the body and the mind, an experience you will always remember.


“The medicine ceremonies and the sound baths were absolutely amazing!

“ Yvonne knows how to create a container for healing, I was so thankful she invited me to come.”

“Shaney is magic. Her words moved me and so many people, it was like medicine for the soul.”

Mariah Makalapua—Mother, artist, activist, and the owner of Medicine Collective. Mariah uses creativity and intuition as tools for cultivating self awareness and empowerment. She learned from an early age to communicate with Spirit and has encouraged many to connect to their own guidance for navigating life in a purposeful way. Over the past decade, her path has been dedicated to the energetic principles of wellness, art, ceremony, and the tools and healing work of her own lineage. She has spent extensive amounts of time in Mexico serving as a wellness practitioner, tarot reader, and yoga instructor.

Through lineage and personal experience, Makalapua has developed a passion for bridging the gap between traditional healing work and integrative psychotherapy that can be utilized by anyone seeking resolve.



Sah’RAh Ma’at Bey’s—“Divinely Sah’Rah” love for spiritual growth is the foundation of her way of life.  Knowing that we are all Divine Light… Contributing to her community at large across the United States and Abroad, she strives to assist women all over the world to heighten their Spiritual growth and Wellness. As the creator of Ladies of the Light, she aspires to educate, elevate, and enlighten women of purpose by bringing them together to connect, build community and uplift one another. Sah’Rah’s mission is to provide a safe space for healing.  Lessons learned from her past… it is her mission to assist in raising the collective consciousness of humanity. Working alongside women to help them develop customized spiritual practices propelling them into the next level of consciousness. 


Patty Montoya— Intuitive Energy Healer, Psychic Medium, Tarot Reader, Anticipatory Grief Coach, Reiki Practitioner and Death Doula. Throughout her career she has studied a variety of healing modalities, including The Emotion Code™, Mediumship, Reiki, and many more. As a spiritual advocate, Patty can support you through your healing journey.

Originally from Bogota, Colombia, Patty has studied and lived in a variety of countries around the world. Now she is happy to call Oregon her home.



Onsite Chef and Massage Therapists

Annukhemera-t El —Chef Annu is a self taught high vibrational chef, full circle doula and owner of Portland based food cart Ummi’s Table. She has been preparing plant based high vibration food for 30+ years. Annu has a degree in Natural Science and worked in the field of clinical research before a winding path led her to pursue her passion with food and nature.

Annu describes food as her love language. It is how she shows love to others. It is also how she teaches others to live and nurture themselves first, by feeding  their bodies from the bounty of the earth as the Creator intended. Her philosophy is that food should nourish the mind, body, and soul. Annu infuses her food with her down home Southern flair for flavor.   She believes eating healthy should be delicious and inviting.  Chef Annu overstands stands that food and herbs are our medicine and are our vehicle  towards living our best life and achieving the highest level of health vitality.   Her next adventure is to open a holistic wellness center and string of small farms throughout the country to feed people local, fresh organic food in their own neighborhoods and to use what mother nature has given us in plant based medicine.

Alexandra Diamond LMT, CST-T—Alexandra is a trauma-informed bodyworker specializing in CranioSacral Therapy; a Human Design Reader and Counselor; an artist; and a part-time channel. She believes that true healing comes from within ourselves and is here to serve as a guide through your somatic landscape. With a multi-hyphenate background and over a decade of experience, she incorporates a wealth of techniques and knowledge about anatomy, physiology, and pathology into sessions to treat pain and dysfunction, restore your mind-body connection, and bring your whole self into balance. 

An honored body can move with ease, has sustainable energy, and is able to process stress efficiently. As a licensed massage therapist and Upledger certified CranioSacral therapist, Alexandra employs Swedish techniques, myofascial release, deep tissue and trigger point therapy, neuromuscular therapy, shiatsu, and passive stretches as well as CranioSacral and Somatoemotional techniques for each session; focusing on incremental gains toward long-term wellness goals. 




Vero Boza, Holistic Esthetician, Intuitive Healer—Vero’s journey began at an early age when she found a strong connection to spirituality and natural healing. Growing up in her native Peru, her childhood was influenced by her elders from whom she was taught about her ancestors and the ancient culture of the Inca civilization. She was enlightened by the way they were in tune with the Pachamama and their approach to use plants, food and herbs as medicine.

As years passed she began experimenting with different techniques and ingredients as well as communicating with her spiritual guides to treat family and friends. Later on this would become a way of life, especially after immigrating to the States and becoming a mother. She sensed an urge to pursue her passion in wellness and beauty and became a licensed skin therapist as well as a Reiki practitioner. With over 10 years of experience working as a holistic esthetician and Spa director and facilitating energy healing sessions, Vero became passionate about helping and educating people on their journey to heal from the inside out. As a holistic esthetician, Vero helps you navigate the root causes of skin issues and energy imbalances. Combining her intuition and love for natural ingredients, she uses an array of different treatments, modalities and techniques such as traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, lymphatic drainage massage, facial massage, cupping, gua sha, despacho rituals, crystals and energy work.


“My reading with Patty was phenomenal, she was spot on! ”

“The hape ceremony was very powerful for me. I was transported validated and recharged during the experience.”

”The energy cleansing I had was just what by body and mind needed.”

“The food was top notch! They really kept us nourished and everything was just beautifully presented.”


This retreat is limited in capacity and a $300 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your reservation. Once booked we will send you an invoice for final payment. Please select your room below and register with the $300 deposit.

Payment Options: 2nd Payment is due by July 30th, 2023. Final payment is due by August 30th, 2023 and can be made anytime. An invoice for the remaining balance will be sent to you once your deposit is received. We can take your final payments or installments via credit card (2.9% applies), Venmo, or check.

We really value communal fellowship and celebrating new friends.

When booking your room know that you will most likely be sharing the space with others, unless you book the Sky Room or one of the cabins. If the room you want is not available, try another room. 

COMING SOLO? Many folks come to the retreat solo and we love it! You’ll feel comfortable and so welcomed! You can book a single cabin or a bed or tent in any room that is available. 

BOOKING WITH FRIENDS? For Singles-We recommend paying your deposits together and selecting quantity “2” when selecting your room to ensure there are two beds available in your desired room. For Doubles-If you want to have more than one person per bed, select the number of beds you desire in your desired room.  If you book two beds (single or double) in a room with three beds expect 1 or 2 other people to join you. 

If you want to check on room availability before registering, you can email me us directly, and we can help coordinate. The Sky Room is a Triple Book and guarantees the whole room to yourselves, if you have less than six but more than 3 you will need to book it as a double and your invoice will reflect this for final payments. All of the Cabins also can be booked solo.


We don’t want to turn you away because of price, and are willing to work with you to create a payment plan you feel comfortable with. Please email us if you have a special need here.

Cancellation Policy: We have made a commitment to make this retreat community-based and accessible. For cancellations by July 10th, 2023, all payments made will be refunded, less the $300 deposit. After July 10th, there are no refunds, unless we are able to fill your room reservation.


The retreat is open to all people who identify as women and gender queer. We value diversity— race, ethnicity, gender identity, and religious beliefs.


This is intended to be an adults only retreat. Sorry no furry friends :)


If you have any question, please contact us.


How do I register with a friend or partner? We recommend paying your deposits together and selecting quantity “2” when selecting your room to ensure there are two beds available in your desired room. If you want to check on room availability before registering, you can email us directly.

Do I need to participate in all programs? No. This is YOUR weekend to renew and rejuvenate, and you are welcome to skip sessions as desired. However, we will be doing a lot of group energy and ceremonial work which makes for powerful experiences.

Can my special diet be accommodated? Yes. This retreat will be catered with an emphasis on plant-based and gluten-free foods. Most special diets, including gluten-free and vegan/vegetarian can be accommodated. Please note your preferences (and any allergens) on the Retreat Intake form, which will be emailed upon your registration.

How many bathrooms and showers are on property? There are two full bathrooms in the Retreat House on the first floor, and a private, two-stall outdoor shower and several (nice) portable toilets on property. A bathhouse is currently under construction, and will possibly be ready by the time of our retreat. Please be prepared for a more rustic experience in that regard, and plan to take shorter showers to ensure everyone can enjoy one.

Do I need to bring my own yoga props? For those driving to the retreat, yes please! The Nest has about 20 yoga mats available, but if you have one, please bring it, along with yoga props and anything you need to be comfortable. A complete recommended packing list will be emailed to you before the retreat. If you are flying or don’t have your own yoga props, let us know and we will make sure you are taken care of.

Is there parking on property? Yes. There is plenty of parking available on property, and instructions will be sent upon registration.

Is there an opportunity to Carpool to the Retreat? Yes! On the Intake Form there will be a spot to request carpooling or to offer to carpool. We will set you up with someone close to your neighborhood.

Is there WiFI on property? Yes, WiFi is available in and around the Retreat House, although you are strongly encouraged to “disconnect to connect” during the retreat.

Covid Considerations. If you are sick before the retreat, please take a covid test to ensure you do not have covid. And please do not come if you are sick when it’s time to gather together.

Weather Considerations. September is wonderful in the Pacific Northwest, and temperatures in St. Helen’s average in the low 80’s during the day and mid-50’s at night. However, temperatures can spike, so please plan to stay hydrated and healthy in the heat. The Retreat House and Event Barn both have A/C should you need a cool place to relax. In the unfortunate event that extreme temperatures or wild fires are happening at the time of the retreat, we reserve the right to cancel to ensure the wellbeing of all guests. If this happens, you will receive an opportunity to attend a rescheduled retreat date.

Smoking & Alcohol. Smoking is not allowed in any indoor space and only outside in areas 30 feet away from structures. We will not be providing alcohol during this retreat. However, you are welcome to bring a small amount, but no hard alcohol. This is a wellness retreat and NOT a party retreat.

Additional Questions? Please email us directly.

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