If Women Rose Rooted: A Life Changing Journey to Authenticity and Belonging

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In this life-changing book that blends myth, memoir, and modern-day mentors, renowned psychologist Dr. Sharon Blackie journeys from the wasteland of modern society to a place of nourishment and connection.

"Mind-blowing. An anthem for all we could be . . . I sincerely hope every woman who can read has the time and space to read it."—Manda Scott, author of Boudica and A Treachery of Spies

Like Women who Run with the Wolves, this is powerful rallying cry to women to embrace a different kind of femininity. Described as both transformative and essential, Sharon Blackie leads the listener on a quest to find their place in the world, drawing inspiration from the wise and powerful females in native mythology, and guidance from contemporary women who have re-rooted themselves in land and community and taken responsibility for shaping the future.

Beautifully written, honest, and moving, If Women Rose Rooted is a passionate song to a different kind of femininity, a rallying, feminist cry for the rewilding of womanhood; reclaiming our role as guardians of the land.