SERENITY—A Women’s Retreat during the Fall Equinox

On and with the land. Just 20 minutes from Portland.

Gather in fullness with the energies of the season for an immersive experience to open your heart, your body and your mind.

Autumn is the season of paradox,
of the light and the shade. It is a time to honor the changes in the natural world and within ourselves.

Join us for an Intimate Women’s Retreat to Release & Receive

September 20th-22nd
Friday Evening 4pm - Sunday Evening

Cost Starting at: $1111 | Payment Plan Available-See Below for More Details

Fall is an opportunity to fill up on gratitude. To prepare for what is to come, and to make use of what is happening in the present moment. As we transition into a new season, finding grace with ourselves to receive and to open our receptors creates peace and harmony within. Giving us room to shed and to let go. 


Amongst the Grandmother Trees

Located just outside of Portland, OR, the Serenity Retreat sits on a tranquil twenty-acre oasis. Old-growth cedar groves, majestic blue herons, spacious meadows, and a bubbling creek, is the back-drop to a sacred space that supports holistic well-being on every level.


Gentle offerings of love, joy, play, rest, soulful nourishment and sacred ceremony.

During the Fall Equinox we arrive at a moment of perfect balance. Where we hang suspended with the light of the day equal to the length of the night. A time when the veil is thin, and we can journey in the in-between.

sacred ceremony

Gratitude & Grace

During our time together, through sacred ceremony we will work on releasing what no longer serves us. We’ll also celebrate the harvest of the season both within and around us.

Over the weekend you will experience multiple offerings that offer guidance, renewal and restoration:

  • Cacao Ceremony
  • Medicina Mico—A Medicinal Tea & Drum Journey
  • Hapé Ceremony
  • Releasing Fire Ceremony
  • Soundbath Journeys
  • Yin Yoga & Morning Meditations
  • Hand-making
  • Energy Cleansing
  • Opportunity for 1-1 Readings or Energy Cleansing
  • Opportunity for 1-1 Body Massage or Reiki
  • +++

Being in sisterhood, connecting with others who love and respect the Earth, beliefs in ancestral presence and the ceremonial leaders who laid down a safe place to travel was really great.

Attendee- Rituals of Release

Connecting for a day of selfcare with other women of color brought tears to my eyes, in so many ways.

attendee- WOC Day Retreat

I was so happy I attended the Fall Equinox Retreat, it gave me a chance to connect with myself and to release. I left there feeling really grounded and believing in myself.

attendee- Rituals of Release Retreat

I really enjoyed the ceremonial cacao, I feel like the timing at the end of the retreat was an ideal send-off back into the world.

Attendee- Ignight Retreat

I think the most meaningful moments for me were the mealtimes and the initial circle. Friday nights ceremony of making and Hapé felt especially sweet and connected.

attendee - Rituals of Release Retreat

I walked into the room and saw so many folks who looked like me, I felt at ease instantly. To be able to gather with many WOC in ceremony was beautiful.

Attendee- Ignite Retreat

Connect with the Land

When we create a relationship with the natural world, we have a deeper understanding of ourselves.

Immerse Yourself in Ritual

From an Indigenous lens we share stories, songs, and rituals that guide us daily.

Journey Deep Within

This Equinox welcomes in the rituals of release, composting, clearing and healing.

Standing in Your Power

Be in kinship with other like-minded folks to share in these offerings.

Wisdom and magick, that is the essence of Fall. A time for compassion, harvesting and composting. A welcome retreat inward, for leaning into our intuition, resting, dreaming, and healing.

sacred self-care

We are all connected

Not only will you learn valuable techniques to nurture new intentions and regenerate yourself, you’ll also be immerse into sacred self-care.

Other offerings include:

• Plant Allies
• Herbal Mocktails
• A gift bag of self-care essentials from Make & Mary

Accommodation & Rates

This location is un-disclosed. We will share more details after we receive your conformation order. We will also email you with intake and release forms. If you have any questions email us!

See below for more FAQ’s



Scenes from our last retreats

We hosted many retreats, most of these images have been captured by Miranda Lattimore and really show the essence of our gatherings.