A Quick Guide to Face Serum Benefits

A Quick Guide to Face Serum Benefits

Face serums are an essential part of any skin care routine. They provide the delicate skin on your face with much needed nutrients, hydration, and anti-aging qualities. However, with all of the face serums on the market and the beautiful differences in each of our skin, we made a quick guide to help you find the serum that works best for you!

Choosing the Right Serum for Your Skin

There are plenty of different face serums on the market and with the variety of herbs, oils, and ingredients, it may be hard to find the exact one that will work for your skin. Especially since we all have have different skin types with different moisture levels, dryness, age, etc. Luckily, the majority of serums try to solve the same three issues: hydration, nutrition, and restoration.

When choosing the right serum for your skin, it's important to know what makes up a face serum. Most serums include a carrier oil such as jojoba oil, coconut oil, sesame oil, olive oil, etc. That oil is then infused with herbs that contain healing properties. A few of the common herbs used in face serums are Rose Geranium, Lavender, Calendula and Frankincense. The healing properties in these herbs can be grounding, nutrient dense, or soothing.

Side view of Make and Mary Face and Body Serum

Carrier Oils

Let's start with the carrier oil. The importance of the carrier oil is to not only carry the herbal benefits and distribute them on the skin, but to also hydrate the skin. Our skin naturally makes oils to lock in moisture. These oils prevent moisture from leaving the skin but also makes it so our skin feels hydrated. We can assist the skin by applying a face serum with oil. If you tend to have dry, itchy skin, or even psoriasis and acne, look for a face serum that contains jojoba oil or sesame oil. Both oils have hydrating and cleansing properties that will help your skin feel nourished and moisturized.

Herbal Infusion

Choosing the right herb is a little trickier because each herb provides different qualities. Most serums come with multiple herbs infused into the oil for added benefits. One of our favorites is Rose Geranium which attracts moisture to the skin and soothes irritated skin. Another favorite is Calendula. Calendula can be used to soothe minor burns, such as a sun burn, by promoting rejuvenation. It can also be used for moisturize the skin and relieving itchy, dry skin irritation.

All of these ingredients are helpful and beneficial for your skin. However, finding a face serum that contains CBD adds a whole variety of extra benefits. Our Face & Body Serum contains beneficial oils such, nutritional herbs, and full spectrum CBD, making it a treat to use on the skin.

Face and Body serum with a quartz face roller

CBD Benefits for Your Skin

CBD has a tremendous amount of benefits when taken internally and applied on the skin. We made sure to include full spectrum CBD oil in our Face and Body serum. The benefits of CBD oil is that it's anti-inflammatory. Applying this oil to your skin can reduce inflammation and redness while relieving pain. CBD oil is also very high in Omega 3 and Omega 6 which helps fight off radical pollutants. With all of these benefits, let's go through how to apply a face serum.

How to Apply a Face Serum

Applying a face serum is a straight forward process and really easy to incorporate into your skincare routine. First, make sure you thoroughly wash your face. You want to remove as much dirt and daily build up before applying the face serum. A perfect time to incorporate this would be right after your morning or evening shower.

Next, gently spray your face with a hydrosol. We offer a variety of different hyrdrosol products that give enhanced herbal benefits. Spraying your face with a hydrosol will prepare your face for the serum.

Finally, it's time to apply the serum. Take a few drops of serum and distribute them evenly on your hands. Then gently massage the serum into your skin. This should be very relaxing and grounding and your face will feel absolutely incredible! You will feel the oil gently moisturize the face and the herb ground and relax you.

Make and Mary CBD Face Serum with rose quartz and face roller.

Products to Use With a Face Serum

We mentioned that using a hydrosol is perfect to use before applying the serum. A hyrdosol relaxes the skin before applying the serum and gently moisturizes the face. The serum enhances these benefits.

Another product we use when applying a face serum is a quartz face roller. The quartz can gently massage the serum into your face while giving you a relaxing massage at the same time.

If you are interested in trying our serum, get a 5ml sample size and experience the benefits yourself! It's the perfect way to see how your skin feels.

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