Designing Your Own Spiritual Bath Ritual

Setting the mood for a spiritual bath ritual with a Make and Mary CBD Bath Bomb

Setting time to cleanse your body and energy from the day is one of the most important acts of self-care you can implement. One of the best places to do this is with your own spiritual bath ritual. A spiritual bath ritual, is a time to connect with yourself, spirit and cleanse the energy you may have picked up throughout the day.

How to Make Baths Special

Baths are a special way to relax at the end of the day, or the beginning! Submerging your body in healing waters is always one of the most relaxing and grounding ways to end or start the day. Bath time can become the ritual you need to cleanse your energy and your body.

Cleansing Products Used in Ritual

Before I started making my bath time a spiritual ritual, my bath was very basic. Warm water filled up high enough that I could submerge my full body with a sprinkle of Epsom salts and that was it. However, there are a lot of plants, herbs, clays and oils that can make your bath experience spiritual and grounding. By using these offerings, your bath time will not only physically cleanse your body, it they will also help to cleanse your energy by grounding and relaxing you mentally.

Let’s start with what surrounds the bathtub itself. First, I set out a few crystals to set the tone surrounding the tub. By doing this practice, I find I call in supportive energy and begin to turn down the noise of the day. Next, I usually dim the lights of the bathroom and light a candle. The candle I use the most is our Soulshine Ritual Candle. This candle is clean-burning, smells absolutely amazing, and includes aromatic oils that work with the Limbic system promoting relaxation and reducing anxiety. Using this candle really starts to shift the stressful energy of the day into a sensual experience.

However, the most important piece of a spiritual bath ritual is the bath itself. There’s a lot of products you can put into the bath to cleanse your energy, heal and nourish your skin, and call in relaxation. I usually place a few herbs or flowers that have called to me in the bath itself. These herbs or flowers may have a healing aspect that my body needs at the time, or maybe I just enjoy the aromatherapeutic components of the plant.

Finally, I make sure that I include nourishing salts and minerals into the water itself. While I’m a fan of bath salts and/or Epsom salts, one of my favorite go-to's is the Soul Shine CBD Bath Bomb. Not only does it include 100mg of full-spectrum CBD to enhance relaxation, but it also includes multiple bath salts, including: Pink Sea Salt, Dead Sea Salt, and Epsom Salt. The bath bomb is made of Rose Kaylan Clay mixed with other healing oils for promoting relaxation and nourishing your body.

How To Use a CBD Bath Bomb

Using a CBD bath bomb couldn’t be any easier. I first allow my bathtub to fill completely with very warm water. I then take the CBD Bath Bomb and drop it in. The bath bomb will start to dissolve into the water and within about 30 seconds it will be dissolved completely. Next, I gently mix the bath bomb into the bathtub with my hand in a gentle swirling motion. This just makes sure the essential ingredients are fully mixed in. That’s it! It’s now time to enjoy the bath and continue your spiritual bath ritual.

Benefits of Having a Spiritual Bath Ritual

We’ve touched on a lot of the benefits already, such as cleansing your own energy, physically cleansing, and grounding, but haven’t talked about much of the mental component. Having a ritual means that you repeat a routine on a timely basis. With a bath time ritual, this would mean allowing yourself time to come to the center, and ground on a regular basis.

Setting aside this time regularly, your body will get used to and look forward to bath time, knowing that it’s time to wind down and relax. Using the CBD Bath Bomb, will aid in this experience. Give yourself a few days of having this ritual, and notice how your body responds.

Tips on Developing a Spiritual Bath Ritual

While there are lots of ways you can make the ritual your own, the best tip I can recommend is just scheduling the time to make the ritual happen. This means making space for yourself, and just trusting that your body and its energy will thank you. The other small piece of advice I can give is to make it something you look forward to. The healing and spiritual aspects are extremely beneficial, but while you are soaking in the bath, perhaps play some music, read, or listen to an audiobook. Sometimes I even put on a guided meditation or write in my journal, which only adds to getting in touch with my body and spirit.

We really hope that developing a spiritual bath time ritual benefits you and your ability to relax. It’s such a powerful energy cleanser and heart centering experience, we are sure these experiences are beneficial to everyone! We also hope you take some time to make the experience your own and call in what you need for healing.

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