An Easy DIY Rose Hydrosol To Make At Home.

An Easy DIY Rose Hydrosol To Make At Home.

Roses are in bloom in Portland, so we made an easy DIY Rose Hydrosol. You can too, at home with some basic kitchen equipment.

Hydrosols or flower waters have different healing properties than aromatherapy spritzers. When making a hydrosol, the plants healing compounds are gathered from a steam distillation process. The smell from a hydrosol is softer than that of a plants essential oil, and they are definitely not as concentrated. They do smell equally as wonderful with their own aromatic benefits and are really easy to make. You can use a hydrosol straight as a face spray, to add to your DIY body-care recipes, or even cook and clean with them. We love them for skincare and hair rinses. They are perfect to use before applying your Face Serum too!

Watch the video below!

rose hydrosol recipe and instruction

what you need

  • Fresh Rose Petals (at least from a dozen roses)
  • Distilled or Purified Water
  • Ice (at least two bags)
  • A Large pot with a deep lid
  • A Mason Jar
  • A Spray Bottle

heres how

  1. Gather all your ingredients before you begin
  2. Pick fresh roses, just at the height of their bloom. Do not wash them.
  3. Place a small glass bowl upside down in a tall pot.
  4. Add your roses all around the bowl.
  5. Cover the plant material with purified or distilled water.
  6. Turn your pot lid upside down and place it onto the pot.
  7. Place ice on top of the lid, as much as it can hold.
  8. Cook on a stove top on low and drain the water from the lid with a turkey baster, but don't remove the lid.
  9. Keep adding ice to the top of the lid.
  10. You want to simmer your flower water for at least 3.5 hours.
  11. You might have to check that you have enough water on the inside of the pot. When you do, make sure the ice is melted and the water removed before lifting the lid.
  12. Once done, strain into a mason jar and label it or put it into a spray bottle, be sure to label it!

You can store your hydrosol in your refrigerator for up to a year.
Making at home with Yvonne
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