Breathe, Nourish, Release

Breathe, Nourish, Release

Time to call in some new energy

Sometimes we need a reminder to breathe. A deep inhale, followed by a long exhale. Try it. We made our inhalers for exactly this purpose. Whether you need a little Clarity or a moment of Calm these little beauties give you an instant breathe of goodness.

Calm Cannabis Inhaler- made with pure essential oils

Blended with organic essential oils (including Cannabis Essential oil) they use the power of terpenes to help reduce tension and to promote a calmer you.

Aromatic oils have a positive effect on your spirit and psyche by working in concert with the Limbic system. That’s because minuscule essential oil molecules are absorbed into the blood stream via the lungs when inhaled.

Take this time to replenish, to relax your senses, to restore your self. Using CBD topically not only helps to reduce inflammation, muscle tension and pain, but it’s also calming and corrective.

CBD supports cell rejuvenation at the skin’s deepest level. With its strong anti-aging properties it helps to erase fine lines and prevent premature wrinkles, while strengthening and improving tone.

We believe in whole plant medicine. For us, the benefits of using a full cannabinoid profile, with many other compounds that work together within the plant, is the most effective. Our oil is C02 extracted from plants grown in the Oregon-sun, just 50 miles from our headquarters.

Feeling like we need to let go of some of this heavy energy and call in the wild light. Time to burn a Soul Shine Candle, and raise our vibration just a little bit higher.

We made our Soul Shine Candle with only pure essential oils and soy wax. We were inspired by the ceremonial practice of smudging and the clearing of negative energies, so we chose natural aromatics for their vibrational and healing properties.

The dominant scents of Palo Santos, Cannabis, Holy Basil and Cedarwood are fresh, earthy, and grounding. While the sweet undertones of Cardamon, Ylang Ylang, Black Pepper and Patchouli are rich and sensual.

Essential Oil Candles promote relaxation, reduce anxiety and stress and induce quality sleep. Plus, the flicker of the flame provides an ambience of relaxation and calm.

We believe in whole plant wellness, and do not use CBD made from Isolate. Instead we found that hemp extract with a full cannabinoid profile and many of the other compounds working together within the plant, are the most effective.

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