CBD Scalp Massage & Braid Ritual

CBD Scalp Massage & Braid Ritual

Our hair is so much more than often meets the eye. It is an extension of ourselves, our beliefs, and values - even of our family lines. Rich in DNA, our hair spells stories in more ways than one. And, yes, it can absolutely help us connect with our ancestors.

When done mindfully, the way we choose to interact with and style our hair can be a beautiful practice for connecting with Spirit. We are working with our crown chakra, after all. In many cultures, the braiding of hair is considered a sacred practice or ritual.

For many Native American communities, combing represents alignment of thought, braiding as oneness of thought, and tieing as the securing of thought.

It’s also believed that free-flowing hair embodies the free flow of life, and braided hair signifies a unity with the infinite. A channel can even be created with this braid, connecting us with Spirit and our ancestors. In a moment in time when our gatherings must be intimate, a scalp massage and hair braiding ritual can be especially powerful, not to mention deeply relaxing, when done in communion with your nearest and dearest.

Try this DIY CBD scalp massage and braid ritual at the end of a long day. It can be done any time you wish to give your hair, scalp, nervous system, and soul some healing love.

  1. Select your massage oil
    We love a scalp massage with our Rosemary Lavender CBD Oil Roll-on, made with 150MG Full Spectrum CBD, hemp seed oil and grapeseed oil. There are many hemp oil benefits for hair, including hair growth stimulation, scalp calming, hair strengthening, and a healthy dose of moisture and shine. We combined that with the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of CBD, Rosemary and Lavender oils, to create a roll-on sure to soothe and relieve.

  2. Rebalance with herbal tea
    Ground down and rebalance with your ritual partner or family member by making and sharing a pot of herbal tea. We created our new Empress CBD Tea specifically for women, though it can be taken by anyone needing a little energy balance. The mellow and dreamy organic herbs and hemp flower help to promote sleep, boost the immune system, support the digestive system, ease cramps and provide comfort in menopause. Stir in a little cream or milk (we love it with coconut milk) and honey to help your body better absorb the cannabinoids.
  1. Begin your CBD scalp massage
    Roll your oil onto the fingertips, and use your finger pads to apply medium pressure to your partner's scalp. If you’re working with pure essential oils, instead of a diluted blend, be sure to dilute your oil first with your favorite carrier oil like coconut, olive, or castor oil. Massage in a circular motion, paying special attention to the temples and any soft spots. If your partner has drier hair, comb some of the oil from their crown to their ends. If you are receiving the massage, practice deep breathing and envision your crown chakra opening. Many like to plan on a shower after their scalp massage, but you’ll want to wait until you’ve finished the final step.
  1. Braid your partner’s hair
    If you haven’t already done so, comb some of the oil towards your parter’s ends, and begin to weave their braid. If you are the braider, you may hold space for your partner to unify with Spirit and any well and healthy ancestors. This can be done silently or aloud. If you are having your hair braided, welcome them with love, also silently or aloud.

You should find yourself more open, balanced, and clear at this point, so you may experience more ease with giving and receiving messages in this sacred space.

Don’t force anything, just remain open and let flow what will. When this feels complete, tie the braid, and give gratitude. It’s your turn to massage and braid.

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