How to Grow Hemp

How to Grow Hemp

Learn how to grow hemp from seed or seedling!

Growing personal hemp plants at home is really rewarding and fun. Not only are you taking part in making your own medicine, but these plants are beautiful in any garden.

In Oregon, people are allowed to grow 4 personal plants at home (they can contain any combination of THC, CBD, CBG, or otherwise). Check your states limits, because this rule can differ from state-to-state.

Growing your own plant is not hard at all. You could grow from seed, but you can also buy seedling plants or sometimes referred to as clones. Ideally you want to get started as early as mid-May, if you are going to grow from seeds. You can put a seedling into the ground well into June. As long as you place your plant into the ground after the last frost you’ll be ready to harvested in October, or Croptober as folks in the industry like to say.

I have definitely grown plants from seeds, and there are a lot of places you can get quality seeds online. Be sure to find ones from a reputable business, make sure they’re organic, and do your research on what you want to achieve from each plants offerings. Are you looking for something that will soothe, ease inflammation, and keep you mellow with out getting you too high? Try a Hemp Plant, you can actually even buy seedlings online as long as they are only agricultural hemp, (what we use in our products).

Maybe you want a little extra, then we would recommend a hybrid that has a little more THC combined with CBD. If you are in a legal state, you can also purchase THC clones and seeds. Check your local farms and dispensaries.

If I don’t make that cut off date, I like to plant clones during Mother’s Day weekend. It’s a good reminder to start, but also such a nice exchange of motherly energy.


Growing CBD plants from seeds is just like growing any plant from seeds. You want to start germinating your seeds inside, and once you get a nice little seedling, put them outside.

 Here are a few tips to get growing from seeds!

  1. Place your seeds on a water soaked towel. Soak for at least 8-24 hours in a cool location out of direct sunlight. Don’t leave them in the water longer than 24 hours.
  2. In a small pot (with holes at the bottom) or planting tray, pre-water the soil, being sure to check that the soil is thoroughly saturated.
  3. Make a divot in the soil with your finger about ½ to 1 inch deep. Put one seed per hole, approx. 4-5’ apart.
  4. Cover each seed lightly with soil and water gently. Keep the soil moist until seedlings emerge. Be careful not to overwater.
  5. Be sure to keep the top 2 inches or so of the soil dry between waterings. This will help keep the plant and seed from getting moldy.
  6. Your seedlings are ready to be transplanted when the roots are coming out from the bottom of the pot (about 4–6 weeks). Transfer to a larger pot or place it directly into your garden bed.

I love to plant herbs and flowers all around mine, because they look so beautiful in the garden! But the more space you leave around your plant the bigger it will grow. I usually find one good size plant last me a while, but we always grow more! Ha!

OK, on to the finishing touches!

7. Find a good sunny location. Dig a hole slightly larger than the pot, remove your plant from the pot, and place it into the ground. Fill around the plant with soil, and press firmly.
8. Water the soil until it is completely saturated.
9. You don’t want to over-water your plant. Infrequent deep watering is better than frequent shallow watering. Once you start getting little buds, try to avoid getting water onto them so it doesn’t mold.
10. As the plant grows, much like growing tomatoes, you can remove the big water leaves, so that your flowering buds get larger. I like to take these and add them to my smoothies every day! You can clip them and put them into a freezer bag and use them as you need them. You can also grind them and add them to your baking too. I love to add them to my bath along with one of our bath bombs, Love Note or Soulshine.
11. Once October comes and your plant is fully budded, cut it off at the base and hang it upside down in a dry location. When you bend the stem and it breaks it’s time to trim and pack. I just use mason jars to store my hemp in. Your hemp is ready to smoke once dried. If you want to make a tincture or use it in cooking. Check out our blog post on How To Make A CBD Tincture.

Happy Growing!

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