Summer Solstice Ritual: Let Your Soulshine

Summer Solstice Ritual: Let Your Soulshine

 The summer solstice falls on June 21 this year, and it’s right on the horizon. In the northern hemisphere, the summer solstice is the longest day and shortest night of the year, and you may have already noticed that daylight is hanging on well into the evening these days.

Summer has an energy about it. The sort of energy that begs you to let everything hang out. While the earth is bursting with life, summer days and nights tell you to burst with your true, authentic self. To let your soul shine.

Summer solstice is a time of creation. A time of light, passion, and growth. Since we’re constantly growing, there’s always space to reinvent ourselves. Digging deep allows us to open doors we thought to be closed — or that we didn’t even know were there.

During this time of year, we’re reminded to encourage the passions we feel within us and around us. It keeps our minds and bodies flexible and agile, especially as we age. We often feel this energy in the summer night air. A warm excitement. Full of possibilities.

Summer Solstice Lore

The time of the summer solstice is rooted in rich history. From ancient Mayan architecture to huge stone structures in the UK, our ancestors have been building sites to honor and celebrate the solstices and equinoxes for thousands of years. They knew these times to be sacred, marking them with rituals that connected them to the natural forces.

Those that came before us saw the solstice as a turning point. Many of the great sites built by our ancestors are thought to be types of physical calendars. The great stones of Stonehenge line up perfectly with the sun during the summer and winter solstice. When the sun sat perfectly on these stones, they knew the days would begin to grow shorter and the nights longer.

Just like the past shows us, the solstice celebrates nature at her fullest potential, and the sun, or fire, is at the center of this celebration. Many participate in a summer solstice ritual by gathering around fires to honor Mother Earth, the divine powers of creation, and all our ancestors who showed us this way.

The fire is like our passion and dreams inside of us, and now is the time to ignite them into reality.

With the solstice coming in hot on June 21st, this is a great time to set your intentions. And what better way to create space than with a summer solstice ritual?

Soulshine Summer Solstice Ritual

We love to use this time of year to honor the light and set our intentions. To do this, try our Soulshine Summer Solstice Ritual below featuring our Soulshine Candle and our Soulshine Bath Bomb (purchase them together through June 24, 2022 to save 15% with the code SOLSTICE15 at checkout).

A solstice ritual may help you feel grounded and empowered in the energy needed to make your intentions reality.

STEP 1: Write your intentions on the white scented paper that’s wrapped around our Soulshine Bath Bomb. Allow your intentions to embody the energy of the solstice. Harness your internal fire while remaining grounded in what nature has to teach us.

An intention we love to use is:

Invoke the magic of calm.

It keeps us centered while we expand our dreams.

The slightly scented white paper for our bath bombs is simple cardstock. We intentionally use this type of paper for our labels as it is 100% compostable. We love to create with the earth in mind.

STEP 2: Burn the paper using our Soulshine Candle and raise your vibration.

Our Soulshine Candles are crafted using pure, rich essential oils that clear unwanted energy and refresh the mind. Inspired by ancestral practices, the scents of palo santos, tulsi, cedarwood, and more help to purify your space and support you in taking slow, thoughtful breaths.

The essential oils work their magic into your system via your lungs, working in concert with your limbic system and leaving your spirit relaxed and elevated.

It’s the perfect addition to any bathtime ritual.

When the candle expires, head to our Instagram page (here and here) to learn how to turn the vessel into a beautiful stash jar or planter. When you’re highly inspired, the re-usable creativity is all yours.

STEP 3: Draw a hot bath and drop the Soulshine Bath Bomb into the water. Close your eyes, go within, and reflect on the intentions you set.

Our CBD bath bombs are exploding with 100mg of full-spectrum CBD extract. Unlike CBD isolate, full-spectrum, whole-plant extract includes other supportive cannabinoid molecules that help boost the health of the endocannabinoid system in our bodies. These molecules work in tandem to promote a good mood and a healthy stress response.

Included with the full-spec bliss are a number of intoxicating essential oils and nourishing salts and minerals that we chose specifically for their soothing properties. The aromas and actions of bergamot, ylang ylang, and more will wrap your body in a comforting embrace and revitalize your mind and soul.

You’ll step out of the bath shining from the inside out. Repeat this summer solstice ritual anytime you need to re-ignite or turn up the fire within.

Solstice Sale

Be prepared to let your inner expression shine and practice the ultimate self care this solstice with our Soulshine Ritual Bundle Sale. Bundle together the Soulshine Candle and the Soulshine Bath Bomb for a special solstice savings through Friday, June 24th. Use the code SOLSTICE15 at checkout to save 15% off your order!


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