October ~ Honoring Our Truth & Finding Balance Within

October ~ Honoring Our Truth & Finding Balance Within

This month we welcome the changing of the seasons and honor the magic of transitions as we enter Fall, and the Libra season. We have two Full Moons this month on the 1st and the 31st, as well as a New Moon in Libra on the 16th.

Libra is symbolized by the Scales and corresponds to the Major Arcana Tarot Card, Justice. Libra also represents partnerships and is ruled by Venus, the planet of love.


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Libra’s lesson

Libra calls for us to seek balance and right relationship with ourselves and others.

Libra is ruled by the element of air (Swords in Tarot), which relates to thought and intellect. When in alignment, air energy is felt as swift and crystal clear resolve or on the other end of the spectrum, manifests as indecision or getting lost in thought. Libra challenges us to find the balance in imbalance. Physically, Libra rules the kidneys, and skin, as well as the lumbar region, endocrine system, and buttocks.

Libra also places an emphasis on partnerships. This season reminds us to be more intentional in our relationships with others and ourselves. Reach out to friends, family, or loved ones. Perhaps overhaul your skin care routine or treat yourself to a high quality serum. Finally start that dry brushing routine you’ve been meaning to do all year or remembering to moisturize after a bathing. Another way to gather inspiration this season is to see if you have any Libra placements in your astrological chart. Integrate any themes that come up and resonate with you.

Fun Fact: Astrologically, Venus represents your general style of relating to one another, friends, family, and lovers. It also represents your personal style or expression of self.

The Justice Card – Balancing the Scales

The Justice card invites us to see where we can shift to create balance in our own lives, as well as recognizing adjustments needed in the larger systems and communities we belong to. We achieve either change by first looking within. Acknowledging what is and not what we wish was. Recognizing ourselves as a larger part of our community and ways in which we can honor those around us. A major lesson Justice teaches us is in the spiralic nature of the universe, the return of things not tended to, not nurtured or acknowledged over the years. We must honor the truth in the recurring themes of these events in order to grow and become agents of change.

In the midst of a widespread awakening to the injustices of the world, our work is to find a way to balance the scales. Instead of getting lost in the could be, should be, or wishes that things were different, we honor this time by facing the reality of our collective shadow. Are you perpetuating injustice or in some way complicit? Are you leaning into your truth? Channel Justice by answering your own inner call to action. Contact your government officials about topics you feel are important, or volunteer at a polling station to help make sure people are registered to vote!

Creating an alter as ritual

This month we focus on the “Make” in Make & Mary with our ritual, though you can always integrate plant medicine into this practice. We celebrate this Libra season by creating an altar centered around Venusian themes, self love and all things that really make you feel good.

While creating an altar is a individual experience unique to each person, we’ve created a list of items connected both Libra and Venus for you to gather inspiration from in your process.

Colors associated with Libra are pastels, pinkish purples, pink, rose, and green. You can incorporate these colors through flowers, candles, art or tapestries. Plants allies for Libra season are Rose, Vervain, Mint, Tansy, Thyme, and Yarrow. Trees: Alder, Fruit, Ash, Birch, and Pomegranate. Other things associated with Libra are music, jewelry, copper, and wine.

Adding photos of yourself and/or your loved ones brings in the themes of love and relationships. Making space for your daily Tarot pull or favorite Tarot Card is always a great idea.

Let’s get started

First clear your space and set your intentions. This can be as simple as calling in your guides, thanking them, and cleaning off your desk, dresser, windowsill, or wherever you would like to create your altar.

Start with a base, and keep it simple, you can add to it as you feel called. Use a beautiful cloth or scarf to add color or leave it clean and crisp for a more modern look.

Gather from the objects listed above, and any personal items that evoke feelings of love, connection, and balance. Let your intuition guide you as you place them around your altar space.

Setting an altar is a wonderful way to express yourself creatively. Clearing physical space to welcome in the changing seasons brings our intentions to the material world. As you work, meditate on being more intentional with your relationships and focusing on the things and people in your life that make you happy.

Another suggested ritual for this month in correlation with the New Moon and your Libra altar is to create a sacred space, draw a tarot card, and journal with intention. Ideas to focus could be: planting seeds that you would like to tend to over the next 6 months, writing a love letter to yourself or a loved one, or simply setting the intention of nurturing and honoring the relationship with yourself by incorporating a new self care act into your daily ritual/routines.


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Our Ritual Series is brought to you by Brie James.

Brie is a Reiki Master, Tarot Reader, and Licensed Massage Therapist in Portland Oregon. When she’s not seeing clients she enjoys being in nature with her family or tending to her plants at home.

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“Have patience with all things. But, first of all with yourself.”FRANCIS DE SALES


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