Raise Your Vibrations with Herbal Tattoo Aftercare  

Raise Your Vibrations with Herbal Tattoo Aftercare  

Beautiful self-expression, status symbols, odes to religious beliefs, adornments, and sometimes even a sign of punishment - tattoos have decorated the human canvas since time immemorial.

If you’ve ever experienced the incredible joy after getting fresh ink, then you also know the discomfort that follows. The days after getting a tattoo are the most critical time for proper aftercare to avoid skin issues and ensure the longevity of your new design.

Let’s discuss why tattoo aftercare is so essential and review some of the reasons why we love using natural, botanical-based products.

Why Tattoo Aftercare is Important

From your first to your 15th, proper tattoo aftercare is essential for every tattoo. The action of tattooing deposits fresh ink into the lower skin layers and leaves an open “wound.” And although the tattoo is a stunning creative statement, it’s crucial to think of it like a wound during the healing days.

Since lower layers of skin are exposed after a tattoo, infection is possible. For the first couple of days, keep the tattoo wrapped in the plastic the artist applied. Although some designs may require extra time wrapped up, the general rule of thumb suggests plastic removal on day two or three.

Another highly important reason for tattoo aftercare is scar prevention. Treating you fresh, new design appropriately will help heal any scabs and ensure the skin weaves together properly without discoloration or scar tissue.

A tattoo is an everlasting investment.

Anyone who has been under the needle knows the crisp beauty of fresh ink, but fading is to be expected over time. Proper tattoo aftercare right out of the gate encourages the line-work to remain detailed and supports the long-term health of your new design.

Herbal vs. Store-Bought Tattoo Aftercare

We’ve always been ones for natural, plant-based magical products, and it’s no surprise why. Store-bought lotions and ointments, like Aquaphor, often contain unwanted ingredients like petrolatum, mineral oil, and lanolin alcohol, which may cause irritation and redness. There’s also research around the possibility of some of these ingredients causing cancer - no, thank you!

Given the uncertainty around the chemical ingredients in store-bought aftercare, we like to stick with a trustworthy ingredient list that will make us glow. Herbal tattoo aftercare often contains supportive herbs and botanical extracts blended with thoughtful skill. Since these products are commonly crafted with whole herbs, you’ll receive a harmony of benefits from active plant constituents.

Imagine gently massaging your new tattoo with nourishing plant butter and watching it heal, knowing precisely what went onto your skin.


Tattoo Aftercare with Make & Mary Moisturizing Wands & Face & Body Serum

To honor our tried and true method of creating functional products that raise vibrations, we’ve designed four Make & Mary Moisturizing Wands that deeply nourish the skin with penetrating botanical extracts and leave a shimmery finish to complement your radiance.

These wands can happily and safely be applied to tattoos, lips, eyelids, cheeks, and even tatas - and all skin types are welcome! Below are some of the highlight ingredients in our Moisturizing Wands.

Calendula (Calendula officinalis): A powerful ally for the skin. The bright influence of calendula infuses the skin with soothing properties and encourages quick and efficient recovery from minor wounds like scrapes, bruises – and tattoos!

Full-Spectrum Extract: Each moisturizing wand contains 150mg of full-spectrum CBD, which simultaneously hydrates and invites in the power of calm to nurture any irritation and red areas.

Coconut and Shea Butter: For deep, refreshing hydration. Both shea and coconut butter are nutrient-dense and leave the skin moisturized and smooth without causing it to feel sticky or heavy.

Lavender Essential Oil (Lavandula angustifolia): We love lavender for its antimicrobial properties and ability to calm irritated skin. It also encourages evenly toned skin and its intoxicating aroma always relaxes the mood.

Frankincense Essential Oil (Boswellia serrata): A time-tested botanical that strengthens skin and encourages a balanced, even tone. Frankincense is highly supportive of new tattoos as the skin is often delicate after the tattooing process.

Applying any wand, from the golden sparkle Free Spirit Wand to the silver-drenched Moon Beam Wand, will nourish your new design enough to keep it hydrated and healthy while allowing it to breathe and heal.
Pro Tip: For extra nourishment, add the Make & Mary Face and Body Serum to your tattoo aftercare regimen. Rich in fatty acids this serum is perfect for spots that need a little extra love - simply layer the serum first and top it off with some glitzy wand magic.

Extra Tattoo Aftercare Tips

In addition to ensuring your tattoo is hydrated, here are a few more tips to remember when caring for your design.

  • Avoid getting it wet and submerging it in water.
  • Limit your sun exposure.
  • Leave the peeling skin and scabs alone! (It may be tempting to pick at scabs and dry skin, but this will add scarring risk, so try to avoid it.)

Elevate Your Ink Naturally

What could be better than having natural tattoo aftercare that supports the healing process while amplifying the glow of your fresh ink? Treating each one with care and attention is essential regardless of the number of tattoos you've gotten. Natural herbal products are significantly effective in encouraging recovery, and the added plant energies raise vibrations so your skin can soften, sparkle, and shine.

If you’re looking for an iconic duo, we love pairing the Moisturizing Wands with Make & Mary Inner Beauty Clear Skin Tincture so we can dazzle from the inside out.

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