Inner Beauty Clear Skin Tincture


Love your skin from the inside out.

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Daily radiance, the herbalist way.

Aroma: Fresh, coconut, green

Taste: Earthy, green, and bright

Key Ingredients: 750mg full spectrum extract, red clover, burdock root

cleanse & balance

Soothe the skin, encourage healthy collagen production, and support your body’s lymphatic system with our clear skin tincture.

I made this for my peri-menopause symptoms. The herbs chosen not only support the removal of stagnant lymph fluid, they also help to reduce inflammation, and cool and moisturize internal tissues. Inner Beauty is perfect as a daily supplement to keep you level and balanced.—Yvonne

A nourishing, glow-inducing formula made with the moon’s cycles–starting with the new moon and bottled after two months of extraction. Daily radiance, the herbalist way.

• Red Clover ~ A flavonoid-rich spring flower that supports healthy collagen production–giving your face a naturally thick, supple glow.

• Burdock Root ~ A lymphatic-loving herbal food that supports the digestive system, liver, and natural systems of detoxification.

• Calendula ~ A resinous, radiant orange bloom full of antioxidants used inside and out for promoting healthy skin tissue and soothing irritation.

• Dandelion Leaf ~ A potent green and herbal diuretic that supports the liver and natural systems of elimination, and promotes clearer, vibrant skin.

Sweet Cinnamon Chips ~ To stimulate the circulatory system and the digestive system.

• Full Spectrum Extract
~ A whole-plant extract to boost Endocannabinoid system health, a complex system of cell receptors throughout the body that can promote good mood and a healthy stress response.

RITUAL: Shake well. Drop under tongue and hold for 15-30 seconds. Repeat as needed.

TRY SOMETHING: Pair our Inner Beauty clear skin tincture with our Face & Body Serum to compound the skin-nourishing herbal benefits.

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Herbalist founded and formulated

Herbalist Founded & Formulated

Herbalist founded and formulated

Full Spectrum Botanicals

Herbalist founded and formulated

Certified Cruelty Free


*MCT oil (coconut), *Full spectrum hemp extract, *Red clover, *Burdock root, *Calendula, *Dandelion, *Sweet Cinnamon Chips, *Sunflower oil and Natural Coconut Flavor. *Organic *CONTAINS COCONUT

FDA Information

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product does not intend to treat or prevent any disease.