5/19 Henna Tattoos + Casting & Oracle Reading

5/19 Henna Tattoos + Casting & Oracle Reading

Please join us for a Soulful Sunday with Yvonne and guest artist, Liesel Svedlund. Have a cup of our Empress Tea, get your hand adorned with a beautiful henna tattoo and then see whats in the cards with a divination casting and oracle reading.

Sunday, May 19th
from 12-4:30
Cost: $30 for each session


See below for more information on casting and the henna designs to choose from, customs maybe available.

About Liesel:  Liesel Svedlund is a self-taught artist who lives and works in Portland, Oregon and has been exploring her artistic endeavors through henna and pyrography. Her intricate designs are inspired by the symmetry of nature and everyday patterns we see around us. Liesel is honored to participate in the tradition of henna and makes it a priority to be educated about the multicultural history of the plant, art and people. Henna, the temporary body art of mehndi, has been used at least since the ancient Egyptian period as a hair and body dye, notably in the temporary body art of "henna tattoos" resulting from the staining of the skin using dyes from the henna plant.

The focal point of her work is experiencing the profound and enchanting bond between plants and individuals while creating exquisite designs through a multifaceted plant.The highlight of her work is feeling the deep and magical connection between plant and person while providing exquisite designs. Liesel truly appreciates the opportunity to engage in the connection and joy that henna brings, both to herself and the community.  IG: @sparkastudios www.sparkastudios.com

About the Castings with Yvonne: If you have ever come to one of our retreats, you may have had the opportunity to get a casting reading with Yvonne. Casting is one of the oldest divination practices. People began casting bones, runes, stones, beans, and other objects to intuitively give insight that help to understand ourselves—tapping into the present moment to help reveal truths and guidance for the future. Casting has been practiced for centuries across cultures, each with its own variation and interpretations. Yvonne uses amulets and a map for castings as well as the oracle deck, SUPRA. The readings can be very powerful and insightful.



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