6/7 Traditional Cacao Ceremony, Breathwork & Shamanic Drum Journey

6/7 Traditional Cacao Ceremony, Breathwork & Shamanic Drum Journey

A Heart Opening Evening in the darkness of the New Moon

Friday Night, June 7th
from 7-9:30 pm


Join us for an evening of releasing and receiving. Cacao carries within a powerful medicine that nourishes the soul, expands the mind, restores balance and connects the human heart. Combined with the breath and drum there is synergy, balance and harmony.

We honor Cacao’s generosity in sharing her medicine and receive with the heart, our intuition and soul. We release our tensions with the breath and journey with the drum for a highly vibrational and energetic evening.

Each person will receive an individual drum cleansing, and then we will share in community with a ceremony of Mama Cacao. You will learn about the traditions in Mayan and Mexica history of Cacao, and it's heart opening and healing properties.

Afterwards we will use our breath to release and receive while we journey with shamanic drumming.

What to bring:

  • A light blanket
  • Eye pillow (or bandana/scarf)
  • Journal
  • Water bottle

Guided by Yvonne: Yvonne is an Earth Sister, a curandera herbalist and medicine woman. A soul/birth doula, energy weaver, reiki practitioner, ceremonial designer, maker and dreamer. She draws inspiration from her ancestral lineage of Mexican and Scottish decent, each rooted in Earth-based practices and cosmic connections. Her intuitive sense has given her the opportunity to lead with heart energy while staying rooted in a conscious relationship with the earth, the elements, the moon, sun, plants, guides and other unseen realms.


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