Book Signing with Pixie Lighthorse

Book Signing with Pixie Lighthorse

Join us on February 24th, the Full Snow Moon for a book signing with author Pixie Lighthorse.

Pixie is the author of the Prayers of Honoring series, written to restore bonds between people and nature while healing interior patterning and spiritual/religious trauma.

Pixies newest book, The Wound Makes the Medicine is her seventh book, and deepest personal work to date. A series of healing remedies in thought and prose, the book centers on the internal challenges of suffering and heartache and offers affirmations for seeing pain through, rather than avoiding it. The Wound Makes the Medicine helps create conditions of change within, without force, and to allow transformation to occur. The sections feature fire, water, earth and air as guides: tapping into fears surrounding the grief of loss and unwanted change, while gently surrendering the reader into the deeper healing that accompanies acceptance.

Pixie will be in our Casa de Ritual Saturday night, February 24th from 5-7pm.
You can bring your personal copy for signing or purchase one in-store.


Pixie has also created over fifty original online educational courses applying integrative transformative practice, animal and plant studies, and the Medicine Circle into self-healing soul work.

Her books aim to help individuals sort through the influences that are blocking connection to greater sources of peace and wisdom. The driving force behind all of her work is helping humans restore liberation to themselves and vitality to Earth, simultaneously. All that she shares is influenced by earth-centered sensibilities.

Find out more about Pixie here.


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