Beacons — An Art Show with Ariel Zimman

Beacons — An Art Show with Ariel Zimman

Artist Reception | October 1st, Saturday Night | from 6-9pm

Mocktails, Art, and Inspiration after hours in our shop at Make & Mary. Our neighbors Sonny's House will also be having an art show! Bring a friend and make it a party!

Join us for an artist reception after hours with Ariel Zimman of Stonedware Company. Her newest work, Beacons are inspired by bright, fluid buoyancy of ocean buoys and embody the tones and textures of brilliant coastal sunsets—Beacons for where you are, and where you’re yet to be.

Each Beacon is one of a kind, from bead size to glaze combinations, rope color, length and texture.

The beautiful Wall Garlands she’s created evoke the elegance of connection with texture and whimsy, a hanging display of the ties that bridge us together. As with a rainbow arcing across the sky, we behold the colorful splendor of its fastening threads.

@arielzimman is also the creator and founder of @stonedwarecompany and her work has been featured in Vogue, HBO, Forbes, Rolling Stone, Playboy, Vice Media, and can be currently found at

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