Embrace the Mess with Spider Energy Art Therapy Workshop

Embrace the Mess with Spider Energy Art Therapy Workshop

Saturday, October 22nd | from 6:00-8:30pm

Weave your destiny with Spiritual Medium and Psychic Nicole Burron through Spider Spirit Medicine—Embrace the messy, gorgeous journey in an evening of heart-healing energy + beadwork.

We each have unique, imperfect, glittering webs of destiny we’re constantly weaving! And among the glitter are typically plenty of snags.

It can be tempting to imagine that things will be better if we just keep everything perfect, so we sometimes put up a guard, or follow rigid rules, or go after predictable outcomes. Because we want to keep ourselves safe, in some ways we keep ourselves bound and small.

But when we’re operating from an integrated, heart-centered place, we know that honoring the wild and unplanned parts of our path allows us to embrace the mess and flow with it. It means we can weave it all together to create a flexible foundation that’s strong and soft.

There’s so much knowing inside of us – in the same way a spider receives guidance from its source to keep weaving although its web isn’t “perfect,” we can move from that same open, receptive state.

This workshop led by Nicole will start with a meditation to soften into our intuitive creativity, then through beadwork we’ll use that receptive state of flow to weave a literal and figurative web of our feelings, stories, dreams and more! This is a process-oriented workshop, so we’ll be focused on feeling into each moment’s emotion rather than striving for any specific results.

You will be guided to let go of perfectionism, align with receptivity, and shift into your expansive energy to ultimately weave a web that will enhance flow through and around your heart. No prior beadwork experience is required!

Included in this workshop

  • loop, cloth, beads and other supplies for your creating you beaded spider web for you take home
  • Make & Mary's The Empress CBD tea
  • guided meditation for heart healing activation and softening

About Nicole

Nicole weaves her work as a spiritual medium, death doula, grief specialist and shadow guide in her practice and offerings while being supported by her Native and Celtic ancestors. Having connected in various group settings, workshops and mentoring others, she is passionate about empowering others in honoring their own spiritual gifts and healing journey.

Learn more about Nicole and the magical work she does here.

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