Embroidery Workshop With Amy Frazer

Embroidery Workshop With Amy Frazer

I was so excited to collaborate on this workshop with my dear friend, and artist Amy Frazer. Amy has been creating works of art for many years and is a skilled pattern designer, illustrator, embroiderer, and so much more. Her layered art is colorful, often whimsical and intricate. She was a great partner to introduce the timeless treasures of embroidery to those attending.

Have you ever tried to thread a sewing needle high? Ha! Well it’s easier than you think! ”


Oh, and what an awesome night! Everyone was so engaged in learning various stitches and creating little works of art. Jayne also joined us and shard their story about their philosophies of running a dispensary that even your mom would feel comfortable visiting. I loved having them in because we're like neighbors, and you gotta be cool with your neighbors. Everyone from Jayne was super nice and Rob the owner was a great sport for coming in on his birthday to celebrate a bit with us.

I think this workshop will have to go one repeat, it was so cool!

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