The Art Of Alchemy Workshop

The Art Of Alchemy Workshop

There is a science to mixing the perfect cocktail. Add cannabis and that science goes up 3 fold. Luckily for us Camille Messina of Messina Bitters was in the house to share her insights on decarbing, infusing, extracting, and ratio's to create the perfect blend.

Each guest also got to sample her wonderful canna bitters and create their own blends using Pilot Farms flower to infuse for making tinctures to use in teas, juices and cocktails. Camille also gave us some great recipes, shared about hosting a party and how to prepare drinks that wouldn't take your guest by surprise.

In the other half of the workshop I taught a technique for marbling. It involves mixing and concocting with paint and water to make beautiful prints. The process is super fun and addictive, and the experiments in combining the two create amazing organic mixtures. Scout Books was generous to supply blank notebooks for each of our guests, and we also made a set of cotton coasters to go along with our infusions.

Mixing, concocting, infusing, extracting... so much science, so much fun

A huge Thank you to Ashley Dellinger for coming out to take photos and High 5 Tours for bringing a bus load of friends to Make and Mary with us!

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