Face Cupping & Gua Sha Stone Massage Workshop

Face Cupping & Gua Sha Stone Massage Workshop

We hosted a private Galentine’s event and shared the process of Face Cupping and Gua Sha Stone Massage.

Twenty women gathered for a night of self-care pampering. Lead by massage therapist and yogi, Shaney Aalbers and Make & Mary founder, Yvonne Perez Emerson to learn how to use Face Cupping and Gua Sha Stone Massage.

We began the evening with snacks and our CBD Rose Ginger and Hibiscus Mocktail. Then Shaney guided us through a series of simple Face & Neck Yoga exercise's. Afterwards we moved into using Mini Face Cupping tools paired with our CBD Face & Body Oil, and then everyone learned the practice of Gua Sha Stone, using an ice cold Black Onyx.

By the end of the night the ladies were so relaxed, feeling good and glowing.

Through a series of Face Yoga, Face Cupping & Gua Sha Stone massaging, attendees learned to lift, tone, and circulate their facial muscles. This practice draws the skin up and back, and stimulates collagen production. It also drains lymphatic fluid, decreases excess fluid, and swelling in the face.

We love sharing the benefits of Full Spectrum CBD for skincare and beauty. CBD topically is a perfect component to your beauty ritual. It is high in Omega 3 and 6, which helps to fight free radicals—making it an anti-oxidant. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, which helps with swelling. Afterwards you feel so relaxed, and your skin is glowing and fresh.

Face Cupping & Gua Sha Stone Workshop

We’ll be including this in our workshop series throughout the year. Our first one is on March 13th! Every attendee receives a bottle of our CBD Face & Body Serum, a Face Cupping kit, and a Black Onyx Gua Sha Stone.

A big Thank You to Candace Molatore for helping to curate the night!

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