Sweet Relief Print Making Workshop

Sweet Relief Print Making Workshop

There is nothing more satisfying than making prints. You draw, transfer, cut, apply ink, and print. It's a pretty simple process.

Things are not always perfect, but you can explore color, pattern making, and effects with different materials. Add a summer night and a little natural inspiration, and it's nothing but Sweet Relief...

Teaching the class was local maker Brie Thomas of Lake Effect Press. Brie is a print maker, the treasurer of the volunteer-run non-profit printmaking studio, Flight 64 and a member of Speedball’s Professional Artist Network. Her work is influenced by the lush landscape of the Pacific Northwest and her passion for hiking and skiing.

She is a wonderful teacher that we are so happy to add to our line up of craftspeople who love making and cannabis as much as we do. This class was sold out quick so be sure sign up for our newsletter for the next one happening this winter!

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