New Year, New You—A New Moon Retreat with Make & Mary and Friends

New Year, New You—A New Moon Retreat with Make & Mary and Friends

An Intimate Women’s Retreat Deeply Honoring The Root of Ourselves

Friday Night- Sunday Afternoon
January 20th-22nd

at The Bingen Hotel in the Gorge
Cost: $555, Payment Plan Available

Join us in fellowship together for an immersive experience to open your heart, body and mind.

This retreat is about becoming centered, shedding limiting beliefs, raising consciousness, sharpening intuition, and letting go.

When we step into the new year—The North Portal, we re-set a cycle. It is the time of dreaming and dissolving our consciousness. There is renewal here and a need to rest and regenerate.

What better way to honor yourself in the new year, but on the new moon with gentle offerings of love, rest, and soulful nourishment.


The retreat is open to all people who identify as women and gender queer. We value diversity— race, ethnicity, gender identity, and religious beliefs.

The Setting

Cozy & Modern

Our retreat takes place at the Bingen Society Hotel in Bingen, Washington, just an hour and fifteen minutes from Portland. This modern meets vintage is a cozy retreat space in the Columbia River Gorge, and there are surprises around every corner along with beautiful communal spaces tucked in and out.

Amenities include:

  • Indoor saltwater soaking pool
  • Outdoor hot pool
  • A cold plunge pool
  • Cedar sauna
  • Spa services

Enlightened in The Sanctuary

Immersed Healing

During this experience we will womb in the sanctuary. This subterranean dome-shaped structure is tucked into the hillside of the Columbia River Gorge and flooded with natural light. We’ll gather here often, in ceremony and in our workshops.

Workshops In the Sanctuary Include:

  • Mico Wisdom through an Indigenous lens
  • Soundbath Journey Experience's
  • Yoga Movement & Breathwork
  • Tapping into your Intuition
  • Tarot & Energy Readings

Lodgings in The Bunkhouse

When we are truly together our energies vibrate higher.

We’ve chosen to come together in an adult sleep over that will invite fellowship & community. We've rented an entire Bunkhouse for all of our guests.

The 3-level shared sleeping arrangements include:

  • Luxury twin-size mattress, linens, blankets & pillows
  • Bath towel, hand towel & face/makeup washcloth
  • Lockable storage box
  • Power outlets
  • Reading light
  • Earplugs
  • Heavy-duty privacy curtain
  • Access to large storage cabinets
  • Access to community space & refrigerator

The mattresses are thick, the duvets fluffy, and the steel bed frames are so sturdy you’ll never feel your bunkmate tossing and turning in the night.

To share this fully in community, we ask that everyone sleep in the bunkhouse rather than renting your own private cabin or room.

All The Goodness—Earth Medicine of The North

As all nature sleeps and dissolve's into the darkness of Winter’s renewal, so too you may ask for the plants to help your journey into other realms and into deep restorative rest.

Not only will you learn valuable techniques to restore & let go, you'll also spend two nights and 1.5 days immersed into sacred self-care.

Included with the retreat:

  • Plant-based meals all day on Saturday & Sunday morning
  • Plant Allies
  • Herbal Mocktail Mixers
  • A Gift Bag of Self-care essentials from Make & Mary

There is also a cafe on-site that serves drinks, food, and alcoholic beverages.

The Teachers & Healers

Yvonne Perez Emerson—Owner and founder of Make & Mary, Yvonne is a creative maker, folk herbalist, manifesting generator, spiritual being—a sun in Pisces, moon in Leo, and Pisces rising. She leads with her heart and her energy. She has helmed creative teams, facilitated healing circles, and provided a platform for creativity & community throughout her career. Her curated workshops and experiences include various modalities—from hands-on heritage craft making to energy working and plant medicine. Yvonne believes in the power of divine energy and nurturing ourselves and community whole-heartedly.


Graciela Teofield—Sound practitioner and energy healer. Graciela has done many things around health and wellness, education and spirituality. By using vibrational sound therapy with the Himalayan hand hammered bowls, various styles of singing bowls, gong and other sound making instruments Graciela is able to resurrect ancient teachings of vibrational sound to enhance the removal of toxins and blockages, provide deep levels of relaxation, improved sleep, reduce pain, and clear negative energy and emotion. She is a Medical Reiki Master through Raven Keys, a Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki Master through ICRT with Colleen Benelli, VSTCLP with Vibrational Sound Association and a Yomassage® Energy Practitioner. She also holds a M.A. Education from Portland State University.


Shaney Aalbers—Shaney Aalbers has been instructing body movement since 1995 and has been licensed as a Massage Therapist since 2000. She has traveled the world and studied extensively and has lead national and international retreats and workshops since 2007. She holds an Undergraduate Degree in Community Health Education with countless instructor certifications. Shaney's poetic vibrations flow through her teachings and carry those experiencing her classes to another level.

Mariah Makalapua—Mother, artist, activist, and the owner of Medicine Collective. Mariah uses creativity and intuition as tools for cultivating self awareness and empowerment. She learned from an early age to communicate with Spirit and has encouraged many to connect to their own guidance for navigating life in a purposeful way. Over the past decade, her path has been dedicated to the energetic principles of wellness, art, ceremony, and the tools and healing work of her own lineage. She has spent extensive amounts of time in Mexico serving as a wellness practitioner, tarot reader, and yoga instructor.

Through lineage and personal experience, Makalapua has developed a passion for bridging the gap between traditional healing work and integrative psychotherapy that can be utilized by anyone seeking resolve.


Sah'RAh Ma’at Bey’s—“Divinely Sah’Rah” love for spiritual growth is the foundation of her way of life. Knowing that we are all Divine Light... Contributing to her community at large across the United States and Abroad, she strives to assist women all over the world to heighten their Spiritual growth and Wellness. As the creator of Ladies of the Light, she aspires to educate, elevate, and enlighten women of purpose by bringing them together to connect, build community and uplift one another. Sah’Rah’s mission is to provide a safe space for healing. Lessons learned from her past... it is her mission to assist in raising the collective consciousness of humanity. Working alongside women to help them develop customized spiritual practices propelling them into the next level of consciousness.


Patty Montoya— Intuitive Tarot Reader, Energy Healer, Psychic Medium, Anticipatory Grief Coach, Reiki Practitioner and Death Doula. Throughout her career she has studied a variety of healing modalities, including The Emotion Code™, Mediumship, Reiki, and many more. As a spiritual advocate, Patty can support you through your healing journey.

Originally from Bogota, Colombia, Patty has studied and lived in a variety of countries around the world. Now she is happy to call Oregon her home.


Why 555?

The angel number 555 is closely associated with change, spiritual growth, enlightenment, and self-discovery. It symbolizes that it’s time for you to enter a new phase of your life and move forward.

Meaning of 555 pertains to the importance of self-love, working in unison with the divine, and discovering your true purpose. It demonstrates to us that we are all interconnected and that if we collaborate, there is a possibility that we may achieve our goals.

Welcome to the Experience

Space is very limited. We encourage you to get your ticket early.

Pay It Forward—Considering sponsoring a BIPOC in need with an added donation.

10% off for BIPOC folks.

Payment options—For your convenience, we are offering a payment plan in three installments.

We are creating a safe and nurturing environment and expect everyone to follow a code of conduct in gratitude and love.

See below for more details!

A few important details:


For your convenience we offer installment payments. To use this, just check the 1st installment payment for the ticket type you are purchasing. We will send you a code for your 2nd & 3rd installment.

  • 2nd Installment is due Dec. 9th
  • 3rd Installment is due Jan. 6th.



Two ways:

1. Just add a BIPOC ticket to your order.

2. Consider a donation. Donate extra money towards our programming and sponsorships, which we would greatly appreciate! This is not a ticket entry.

We are offering a 10% off for BIPOC folks.



We have made a commitment to make this retreat community-based and accessible, therefore there are no refunds for this event, but you can forward your ticket to another person.


This is intended to be an adults only retreat. Please no children under the age of 18. And no pets, just humans, thank you.


If you have any question, please contact us at:

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