Spring Equinox Punch Needle Workshop

Spring Equinox Punch Needle Workshop

Expansion, Florals, Herbs, & Making

Please join us as we celebrate moving into Spring with flowers, herbs and making. The Spring Equinox welcomes the time to expand our energy and cultivate growth, intentions, light and love. In this workshop learn to make Punch Needle Art with SooJ and Jef and create a Spring Equinox Floral Cone with Make & Mary.

Attendees will learn the art of punch needling and make a 6" x 6" smiley flower punch needle wall art piece. SooJ Lee and Jef will be sharing their process and work as we unwind with herbal mocktails. We'll also make a Floral cone to celebrate the day!

About Sooj and Jef– These multidiscipline artists co-create together to create playful and bold works of art. Their craft often revolve s around self-help spirituality, upcycling/sustainability, and creating an overall positive vibe.

SooJ and Jef are both master Reiki practitioners and have studied multiple healing modalities from Feng shui to past life regression. They are obsessed with aliens and spirits and all things esoteric and mysterious. Learn more.

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