Tea & Tarot Pop-up

Tea & Tarot Pop-up

Join us for a moment of introspection and unwinding.

We have a love affair with the Tarot for self-care ✨ Tarot as a tool for self-care acts as a reflective modality. Images representing archetypal human experiences, can help us to more deeply understand ourselves, our present moment, and what trajectory we’re currently following into the future. Like any spiritual tool, much of the power comes from what you choose to do with it. As a tool in your self-care kit, Tarot tells the story of what it is to be human.

Get a glimpse into what's in the cards for you.

Starting this month we will be offering mini tarot readings with the beloved Brie James of Ritual Haus Wellness. Each session will be 10 minutes long and you'll need to register by appointment at the link below. Along with your session will serve up a cup of our Empress Tea to help you unwind and receive.

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