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Mush Love Elixir

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Awaken your desires

Key Ingredients: Damiana, Reishi, Chaga, Maca

Aphrodisiacal, Adaptogenic, Immune Boosting

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Created for joy & pleasure

Formulated as a heart opening and mood boosting elixir to enhance your overall well-being through a blend of aphrodisiacal, adaptogenic, and immune booting ingredients. Perfect for adding a touch of warmth and desire to your daily routine.

Ingredients used may help to:

• Damiana ~ Increases libido, a tonic for stress or low energy or drive*
• Reishi ~ Boost immune, relax muscles, aids in heart function, and improve sleep.
• Maca~ Adaptogenic for reproductive health and to increase sexual desire.*
• Chaga ~ Aid in digestion, balances blood sugars, immune boosting.*
• Oatstraw~ A nourishing oat grain used for a depleted nervous system, to increase libido and heart energy.*
• Hops ~ A nervine and sleep aid, often used to increase sex drive in women.*
• Cardamom ~ An aphrodisiacal aromatic spice and digestive aid.*
• Blue Agave ~ Raw agave nectar*

*Certified Organic

All mushrooms are dual extracted

RITUAL: Shake well. Use in your smoothies, drinks or just drop under the tongue and hold for 15-30 seconds.

TRY SOMETHING: Pair the Mush Love Elixir with an indulging Love Note CBD Bath Bomb for an ultimate night of pleasure.

*Damiana Extract, Hops Extract, *Reishi Dual Extract, *Chaga Dual Extract, *Maca Extract, *Oatstraw Extract, *Cardamon Extract, *Blue Agave, *Cane Alcohol

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product does not intend to treat or prevent any disease.