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Mush Love Elixir

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Awaken your desires

Key Ingredients: Damiana, Reishi, Chaga, Maca

Aphrodisiacal, Adaptogenic, Immune Boosting

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Our Mush Love Elixir was formulated for joy & pleasure, and to support you with warming herbal allies and functional mushrooms to awaken your desires. Created with aphrodisiacal, adaptogenic, immune boosting ingredients that cater to the libido and the heart.  Mush Love can be used daily, and especially when you want to heat things up a bit.

joy & pleasure

• Damiana ~ Used to increase libido, and as a tonic for stress or low energy or drive*
• Reishi ~ An antioxidant and adaptogenic that has been shown to have immune enhancing effects. May also help to relax the muscles, aid in heart function, and improve sleep. Dual extracted*
• Maca~ A rejuvenating adaptogenic for reproductive health and to increase sexual desire.*
• Chaga ~ Provides and antioxidant and immune boosting. Aids in digestion, balances blood sugars and benefits the skin. Dual extracted*
• Oatstraw~ A nourishing oat grain used for a depleted nervous system, to increase libido and heart energy.*
• Hops ~ A nervine and sleep aid, often used to increase sex drive in women. Cooling & relaxing*
• Cardamom ~ An aphrodisiacal aromatic spice that acts a a carminative and digestive aid.*
 Blue Agave ~ Raw agave nectar*
*Certified Organic-Approximately 17mg of Full Spectrum Extract per serving.
RITUAL: Shake well. Use in your smoothies, drinks or just drop under the tongue and hold for 15-30 seconds.
TRY SOMETHING: Pair the Mush Love Elixir with an indulging Love Note CBD Bath Bomb for an ultimate night of pleasure.

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*Damiana Extract, Hops Extract, *Reishi Dual Extract, *Chaga Dual Extract, *Maca Extract, *Oatstraw Extract, *Cardamon Extract, *Blue Agave, *Cane Alcohol

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product does not intend to treat or prevent any disease.